Kinahrejo and Kali Adem, after Mount Merapi Eruption


After the eruption of Mount Merapi, two villages in Sleman Jogjakarta looks like a dead area. Kali Adem village is only about 5 kilometers from the peak of Merapi. Kinahrejo village, only 4 kilometers away. News of the result of bursts of hot clouds (wedus gembel) from the eruption of Mount Merapi, noted that the human victims who died as many as 30 people. Domestic animals such as cattle that die of 180 tails.

mbah maridjanKinahrejo Village is home Mbah Maridjan. Mbah Maridjan is the caretaker of Mount Merapi. Caretaker is the person who won the trust to keep something and Mbah Maridjan is the one who was trusted by the Sultan to keep the mount Merapi. But after about 40 years served as caretaker of Mount Merapi, reported that on Tuesday (26/10/2010) Mbah Marijan found dead in a prostrate position. To identify the dead body in prostration is Mbah Marijan, it is necessary to research by a team of forensic because the bodies were no longer recognizable.

kinahrejoThe eruption of Mount Merapi this year has brought disorder to the village of Kali Adem and Kinahrejo, thick dust of fallen trees close, the ruins of homes, and as well as dozens of dead animals is pathetic. But we are citizens of Yogyakarta is still grateful for the time of the eruption occurred despite bursts of rain and the wind blew towards the south but to the west, so the city of Yogyakarta is located in the south of Mount Merapi are safe from exposure to volcanic ash. I live in Yogyakarta today, although the city of Yogyakarta quite far from Mount Merapi for my sensitive nose, I also felt uncomfortable to breathe, there is a burning sensation in my nose when breathing. But I am grateful, because the city of Yogyakarta is still in a safe condition. Thanks GOD.

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