Its always so fun when visit Borobudur temple

borobudurTwo days ago I visited Borobudur temple with my best friend. I've been many times to visit Borobudur, but I was never bored to visit there again. I am always happy when visiting Borobudur temple, especially with my best friends.
For those who visit Borobudur in first time, they will so enchanted because the architecture of Borobudur temple is beautiful, majestic and wonderful. The pictures that we taken on there was very good. Although we have take a lot of pictures there, but when we got home, we feel that we take very little picture. Lol .. because we really like being photographed (narcissistic).
My trip to Borobudur that time was very nice, although when we are there was rainy for 2 times but the weather is supposed to make us despair because shelter in Borobudur temple far enough. Luckily we brought an umbrella that time, so if you visit the Borobudur in the rainy season should bring an umbrella like us.

borobudurRemember the adage "Ready for umbrella before rains." But for those of you who do not carry an umbrella, you also can hire an umbrella there, the rental price I do not know because I've never rented an umbrella when visiting Borobudur. The function of umbrella when visit Borobudur not only protect you from rain, but also protects you from the hot sun, because normally the weather is very hot when in Borobudur. Of course, Borobudur is a building that made from pure natural stone, so its normal that the weather so hot on there. But the beauty of Borobudur can make us forget that the weather is hot, when the weather is slightly overcast but not foggy like the time we felt yesterday, definitely will make you feel convenience although you were at the top level of the temple or called "Arupadhatu" (which means do not form or intangible). Because the view from Arupadhatu very beautiful, from here you can also see a very famous Amanjiwo resorts, but the unique and majestic resorts are looks small because it is quite far from there.
I've visited Borobudur many times, but I still want to visit Borobudur again. Are you interested to visit it? Let's prove just how beautiful and magnificent of Borobudur the world's cultural heritage in Magelang, Indonesia. So if your trip to Yogyakarta, do not forget to visit the world cultural heritage, the temple of Borobudur, Prambanan, Ratu Boko, Sultan's Palace and other places around Yogyakarta. Have a wonderful holidays and do not forget to care the cleanliness of tourist places so will be always beautiful and comfortable, let's go around the world.


  1. Thanks for sharing your experience in Borobudur and I'm glad at least you tried to express yourself in English...

  2. Hahaha... when i read my post, make me laughing. I'm admit there is many grammatical error. But Im trying to wrote in english then many people will understand.

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