Is easy and cheap to go to Prambanan Temple

prambananI live in Jogja (Yogyakarta) now, but I rarely even talk about Jogja. The topic of my post now, will talk "is cheap and easy to go to Prambanan temple". Yes it is. When you visit Jogja and you want to shop in Malioboro and also wanted the tour to Prambanan temple, and you do not have a personal vehicle to go to two places that then you can take a bus named TransJogja.
Transjogja in jogja identical to the bus which has a green color, these bus are not big as Busway bus in Jakarta but the bus is more convenient if compared with regular public bus. Bus ticket is also relatively cheap, and can be said to be very cheap. With the money of Rp 3,000, then you can have get around the city of Jogja.


So in a day you can visit the Prambanan Temple as well as Malioboro. We recommend you visit the Prambanan first then visit Malioboro. The reason usually you will feel want to take long time to enjoyed the beauty of the temples of Prambanan + you can also visit the temple of Queen Boko for free.
Tickets to enter the temples of Prambanan are indistinguishable to an Indonesian citizen Rp 15,000 but for foreign tourists will usually be more expensive 10x. Do not be fooled, it seems to apply in some places of tourism in Indonesia. Understandably, for foreign tourists to pay 10x more than the local tourist price of course was not expensive. hehehe.

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