The Glorious of Jogja Java Carnival 2010

Finally I had time to post about Jogja Java Carnival ....

Because of the success of Jogja Java Carnival in 2009, that make Jogja eager to hold a great carnival again. At this time the carnival theme is Harmony in the Night,it is held on October 16, 2010. Jogja Java Carnival aims to celebrate the anniversary of the city of Yogyakarta to-252.

Jogja Java Carnival was held on Malioboro street, starting from point zero to Inna Garuda hotel. The Carnival very lively, forming a cultural sequence that begins with a row of Ramayana ballet, then the ranks of other cultures. Participants of Jogja Java Carnival is derived from local, national and even international.

Jogja Java Carnival is lively, but there are still shortcomings. It is still a lack of coordination of the committee. So visitors who witnessed this event yet orderly rows, resulting in difficulty moving carnival participants. It's still understand because Jogja was still young in organizing cultural carnivals like that. What I can say, that carnival is great job...

For tourists who were visiting Jogja this time, certainly feel so special because of the event of Jogja Java Carnival, so if you plan to vacation to Jogja next year, should your visit coincide with Jogja's anniversary so you can watch Jogja Java Carnival.
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