30 October 2010 Merapi volcanos was erupt again

Merapi erutionMerapi eruption dated October 30, 2010, at 0:40 am have a more devastating eruption from previous eruptions. Hot clouds sliding distance farthest reaches 10 km. Ash rain occurred during about 22 minutes, it seemed rain ash reach till Bantul which is about 60 km from Merapi and the house where I live also feel the rain of volcanic ash. The house that I live close to UGM (Universitas Gadjah Mada) so its more near Merapi than Bantul to Merapi. The leaves, streets, courtyards and roof covered with white ash but not so thick, but it interfere the vision and breathing.

Street cofered by volcano ashAlong the Kali Urang street, the streets become white. Full with volcanic ash that covered the road Kaliurang, the ash is quite thick so it make difficult for vehicle users to accross there. People are encouraged to wear masks when going out, so their breathing is not disturbed. However vulcanic ash not only disrupt breathing, but also interfere with the view that not only masks is very need of the refugees victims of natural disasters of Mount Merapi, but also eye drops and food and other supplies. Eye drops is necessary considering the dust vulcanic make eyes painful.


  1. Thanks for this posting...very useful. Any way... would you like to let's me know is right hot cloud of eruption Oct 30, 2010 reaches distance with radius of more than 10 km ?


    Ambo Upe (Oleng)

  2. ^^ that time not really sure it has reach less than 10km or more. But now, its already reach 11.5 km, I heard from merapi.combine.or.id. Sorry if what I wrote is wrong.


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