How to make ketupat?

Ketupat is a special food that usually serve on lebaran day (Ied or Muslim holiday) in Indonesia or Malaysia. I have talked about lebaran on my post lebaran di kampungku. Ketupat usually serve with opor (chicken cook with coconut milk). Ketupat actually also nasi (cooked rice) but it is cooked on different way. Ketupat is cooked rice that wrap with young coconut leaves that normally plait like diamond.
How to make the wrapper?
At fist time you must prepare 2 young coconut leaves. Then you make the leaves that have shape like a diamond with steps like picture on the below:

You can make 10-15 wrappers for 1kg rice. After the wrapper ready then you can prepare for the content.
Material or ingredient:
* 1 kg rice
* 1 / 2 tsp water whiting
* 2 tablespoons salt
* 10-15 diamond skin (depending on size)
* Water for boiling

How to make
1. Wash the rice that will be used first, soak for approximately 3 hours and drain it also mixed with few whiting.
2. Rice is included in the pack of diamond should be as much as 2 / 3 content. Do not let more than that.
3. Boil water to be used for boiling ketupat.
4. Boil the ketupat for about 4-5 hours and as long as it should be in fully submerged.
5. Once cooked, diamond hung up to dry.

Ketupat is ready to serve. Dont forget to serve it with opor.

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