Tempted your faith (special for Ramadan)

Ramadan is coming ... The first day running the fasting, post about something that tempts faith ah ... is not meant to tempt faith, but I want to share about the fast menu (specially for fresh menu), which is often served in Indonesia. Get ready yah ... sorry if you are tempted, I created this post is long ago before Ramadan (so its schedule). So once again .. I did not intend to tempt your faith, just sharing. Sharing good food ... hahaha.
Ohya .. tip for breaking the fast should be sweet, for Sunnah with 2 palm-seed and a sip of Zam-Zam water (Noway...hahaha). But if in Indonesia will be breaking fast with a row of these foods, but not all at once ate ... only one menu for each time when break fasting , and will be followed by heavy menus after prayers Tharawih (me..i don't know other people). Ah ... talking continues, Jreng...here is some menus that often served when breaking fast in Indonesia, in particular:
1. Kolak
kolakWhat is kolak? Kolak's fresh appetizers ... hahaha. The common contents of kolak is banana, jackfruit, sweet, kolang-kaling(the kind of palm seed),black cincau (my family version). And a savory sauce is made from coconut milk, all ingredients must be cooked let it be called a kolak. Served can be cold or warm, depending on the tastes lol.

2. Fruit ice, mixed ice, ice teller (intoxicated) <==(its my favorite) es buah
Iced fruit? My ice-fruit version usually content: every kind of fruit into cubes or round. Usually the fruit content are melon, cantaloupe, mangoes, pineapple, papaya, jack fruit, avocado, sawo(sapodilla)*, strawberry*, dragon fruit*, kiwi*, durian* (for rarely starred in a list of ice fruit of our family), continue to make additional with young coconut + syrup + milk + ice cubes, sometimes also with agar-agar, black cincau, black rice, nata decoco. um .. delicious.
3. Young Coconut ice
es deganIt is generally well served when it welcomes the fast, usually young coconut will be easily available during Ramadan because many sellers who sell young coconut in the edges of the road. hehehe. Serve young coconut shavings usually with java sugar or syrup, um .. while young coconut water it was also sweet. lol .. Indonesian like spicy and sweet.

4. Ice cendol (favorites on kaskus)
cendolIjo-ijonya dong gan (on kaskus forum)... es cendol really nice .. hahaha. suited for the thirsty. (But I'm amused by cendol, lol) Cendol have many variety, there is the color green, pink, red, etc., but the common is green. Cendol also have a white, usually made from rice flour. The most delicious of ice cendol is serve with durian (my version)...

5. Selasih ice
selasihWhat in english? Yah.. Basil seeds from basil plants. How to make it, is the old basil flower drying and then pounded to separate the seeds from the flower petals. After it was cleaned and brewed with warm water so it can expand like a frog egg. hahaha. But really .. yummie when served with coconut milk and ice cubes.

6. Green banana ice or a palu butung
palubutungFamous from Sulawesi .. but sometimes I also enjoy it when Ramadhan in Yogyakarta, because its easy to find in Yogyakarta during ramadhan because many people sell it on the edge of road. But at home ...I think haven't.

7. Porridge
buburSometimes pearl porridge (not really pearl but its kind of food from sago), green bean porridge, porridge (made from rice flour), red bean porridge, and others. yummie ..

8. Juice
juicemany kind of juice .. depends on your taste. There was juice, avocado, mango, guava, watermelon, cantaloupe, bananas, apples, vegetables etc..

9. Ice to save money, hehehe
es tehIce save more money, hehehe ... yah.. just iced tea or iced syrup because it is easy serve and fresh ...

My session ends to tempt taste this time, I might add, and maybe .. oh .. no ... I forgot.


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