Natural Beauty of Green Canyon

green canyonI've always wanted to write about the beauty of the Green Canyon, in Ciamis, West Java, Indonesia. I am fascinated by the beauty of the Green Canyon when I watched a coverage from private TV about travelling around a year ago, when I was really amazed that my country is indeed extraordinary complete beauty of nature. At first when I heard the name of Green Canyon, I think it is a place name in the U.S.. But it was Indonesia also has a Green canyon itself, which you can see for yourself the beauty of the Green Canyon from the pictures that I insert here.
When I looked for information by internet, most information I found in Indonesian language. Um .. and therefore I should make a post about the Green Canyon in the English language. Hopefully, the discourse that I took from various sources is sufficiently complete for those of you who want to know about the Green Canyon. Well .. If you have not, or incomplete or do not believe it, I suggest you should visit it yourself. lol.:astig:
According to sources and information I can, Cayon Green initially Cukang Taneuh real name in local language means a land bridge. Green Canyon referred to as Cukang Taneuh or bridge above the ground because there are cliffs that farmers used the land bridge as a shortcut to the agricultural estates in the area. Green Canyon real name was popularized by Frank and Astrid, a tourist from France and Switzerland, who in 1990 came to Cukang Taneuh.
green canyonGreen Canyon is located in the Village Kertayasa, District Cijulang, Ciamis, West Java, Indonesia, ± 31 km from Pangandaran, or about 393 km from Jakarta. . Green Canyon is a tourist attraction is the river flow of Cijulang through the cave with stalactite and stalagmite a fascinating and flanked by two hills with rocks and trees provide a natural green landscapes, beautiful and fascinating. Not only that, if tourists want to see more beautiful scenery can swim about 10m into using buoys. Once there, the most stunning scenery emblazoned in front, relentless rush of water that resembles the rain soaked walls and rock cliffs. This area is called Eternal Rain, because the water alaways fall even in dry season, water coming out from the cliff wall was never subsided. Still have not finished admiring and preserving this beauty, try to move up the cliffs as high as 15 meters toward the bathing pool. It is said that anyone who believed that bathing in the place will stay young, smooth soul mate and livelihood. Do not believe yah ... I think it's just a myth. :puppyeyes:
Also on the way to Green Canyon is along the river Cijulang, you'll see a lot of jodang and fins are nets to catch fish. Jodang has a shape like a house on stilts beneath it installed netting and placed in the middle of a river. Sirib a half a part of the handle jutted riverside land. Jodang and Sirib add information on the our travel book .. um .. horay
green canyon To reach the location of Green canyon you can use the services of a motorboat or canoe paddles are widely available at Pier Cisereuh. Green Canyon open from 10:00 until 16:00, boat costs Rp 70,000 (return ticket). Rent buoy USD .5000 per buoy. Prepare also a change of clothes and towel if you want to swim. Believe it or not there is no prohibition for dirty words and mention 'crocodile' while he was in Green Canyon. Fair when giving tips to the crew of the boat, because they have a long wait, when you are swimming upstream.

Well .. I'm already sleepy .. .. um ... hopefully I'll dream of a trip to Green Canyon. Lol .. Lets Go Around the World baby ..

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  1. waw! its so amazing! tapi aku belum pernah ke Ciamis,, :(
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