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Some time ago, Let's go around the world invites you to climb Mount Rinjani and Mount Bromo, this time Let's go around the world invites you to climb one of mountain at the frontier of Central Java and East Java, Indonesia namely Mount Lawu. Climb to mount Lawu will give different experience from climbing other mountains in Indonesia, because every mountain in Indonesia has its uniqueness. And Mount Lawu is also totally unique and save a lot of mysteries and legends. On the slopes of Mount Lawu many tourism place such as the Tawang Mangu with Grojokan Sewu, Sarangan Lake, Sukuh Temple, Cetha Temple and much more. Well .. if there's time I'll introduce all for you, now we visit the peak of Mount Lawu first.
Mount Lawu is a sleeping volcano, so any time this mountain could explode. Huh ... scary. Lawu mountain has three peaks, peak 1 (Hargo Dumilah), uncak 2 (Hargo Dalem) and top three (Hargo Dumiling). Hargo Dumilah is the highest peak with an altitude of 3265 masl.
There is a famous cemetery at the top Hargo Dalem, according to the beliefs of this tomb is the tomb of Prabu Brawijaya Pamungkas or known by the name of Sunan Lawu. It is said that Prabu Brawijaya after his resignation from the Majapahit later he was appointed as the ruler of mankind in the mountains Lawu. horror .. ouch again ..
Besides the tomb of Sunan Lawu, the other famous places is crater of Mount Lawu that have famous name Crater Condrodimuka, which according to the trust is a place used for galvaizing of Gatutkaca.

In these mountains are also many sacred places such as Spring Drajat, Sendang Inten, Sendang Panguripan, Well Jalatunda, Market Dieng, Stone Monument "berundak punden", Barn Selayur, Telaga Yellow and many more. The mountain is also overgrown Edelweis flowers pink, yellow and white.
There are two popular climbing route is via Cemoro Sewu and Cemoro Kandang. The distance between the climbing lane is only about one kilometer.
1. Cemoro Sewu
Cemoro Sewu known as the gate from the direction of East Java, the length is about 6.5 km through forests of pine and acacia. In this climb we will pass the four shelter of shelter one at 2100 m, second at 2300, 3td at 2500 m and reached the shelter four with altitude 2800 m above sea level with a time of 4-5 jam. After these four shelter began heading lower until we had to run along the ridge, the way in the form of flat land and on the right side there is the abyss.
2. Cemoro Kandang
Cemoro Kandang (Cage) is known as a gate or climbing from the direction of Central Java. This more gentle ascent route, but also longer which is about 12 km. The view from this point is also very beautiful. I ever once time climbed the mountain Lawu through the Cemoro Kandang. Yah..Unforgettable memories.
Heading through the ascent of the Cemoro Kandang also consists of four shelter namely a first shelter as Taman Sari Bawah (Bottom), 2nd shelter as Taman Sari Atas (Above), shelter 3td as Penggik and 4td shelter as Cokrosuryo. Between the 2nd shelter and 3td shelter, there is an emergency shelter but are advised not to stop long here because the smell of sulfur is very strong, it is also my recollection that you will pass your left side is a ravine called Ravine Pangarip-Arip. In 4td shelter, you will find a wide field but deeply felt horror atmosphere here and I can not forget the memory. Because apparently there are two graves here (hopefully not increased) which seems tomb climber who died and was buried in that place.
Well so information about climbing the mountain Lawu, tips for hiking Lawu should not talk dirty, bring waterproof clothing, bring adequate supplies, and should pass through the existing climbing lane because would be very dangerous if not,many of the abyss there. Hix .. miss Lawu want to climb the mountain again, but it seems the soul of my adventure began to decrease. Well ... but I'll always be a passion for screaming Let's go around the world.

Article source http://apvalentine.students.uii.ac.id edited by Anjieya

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