Grojogan Sewu waterfalls, hundreds stairs and michievous monkey

grojogan sewuGrojogan Sewu is a famous waterfall in Tawang Mangu, Karang Anyar district, Central Java, Indonesia. Thing that impressed when visiting Grojogan Sewu waterfalls is to get to the site should be down hundreds of stairs that makes pretty tired for those who are not familiar. On the way down the stairs you will find some of gazebo that can be used to rest when you are exhausted, looking at scenery-trees towering pine trees and dozens of funny monkeys and very mischievous. Well .. you have to be careful of the monkeys, because they like to steal supplies the visitors. If you bring a plastic bag, they will immediately suspect that it was food, so secure your luggage or the monkey will steal it.
grojogan sewuAfter you finish down the stairs you will find various stalls selling food and a swimming pool with cold water, be advised Grojogan Sewu location it was in the mountain Lawu so the water around here is very cool for those of you who used to live in the lowlands. Then to get to the location of the waterfall, you follow a path made of stone mountain neatly. And you came to a waterfall called Grojogan Sewu (Thousand falls). You should come to Grojogan Sewu when the rainy season and you'll know why the waterfall was named Grojogan Sewu. But the water often dirty when in rainy season.hehehe ..

grojogan sewuOnce satisfied to enjoy the waterfalls, you can try the food sold at area locations. There are many menu options are also here, notably satay. You can choose from a variety of semi-private dining is to enjoy the food in the middle of crowded as trees and the bush (perfect for couples) or in the middle of an open field. And should I recommend a safe location from apes. hehehe.

It's enough to enjoy the scenery and waterfalls surrounding Grojogan Sewu and you still want to be adventurous, you first have to exit the location and boarded up hundreds of stairs. tired .. :sigh: hehehe .. then you can shop by location-in the outside or go to the market Tawang Mangu or a visit to Hamlet Nglurah tourist village to buy ornamental plants, Hamlet Nglurah is about 3km from Grojogan Sewu. And there is also a religious site that is Goa Maria (Mary cave) also about 3km from Grojogan Sewu. When I visited Tawang Mangu on last time ago, I find that many garden strawberry around the location of Grojogan Sewu, um .. well ya eat fresh strawberry by your picking.

Well .. Grojogan Sewu waterfall is also always crowded with visitors, especially on holidays.

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