Enchantment Cetha Temple, the beautiful scenery of tea plantations and the road that climbed down and winding

Indonesia has a beautiful nature, rich culture and also has many historical heritage of building or things. Historical heritage of building like as temple. It was noted by UNESCO that Indonesia has a relic of the largest Buddhist temples (Borobudur) and the highest Hindu temple (Prambanan) in the world. Both temples have I told to you, if you want to read about the article just click the name of the temple.
This time I want to introduce a Hindu temple which is approximately 2 hours from my hometown, the name is Cetha temple. When I was in high school, Cetha Temple became our favorite places to visit when it came from school early. What we like when visit to Cetha Temple is take an adventure into the jungle area (I thinks its become not challenge as before now, because already change and build like a garden). We are joking, enjoy the fresh-cool mountain air so much and enjoying snack that we had brought. Um .. so miss that times.:inlove:

About Cetha temple:
Cetha temple situated on the slopes of Mount Lawu, in Cetha Hamlet, Village Gumeng, District Jenawi, Karanganyart, Central Java Province, Indonesia. This temple is a temple with staircase discovered by Van der Vlis in 1842. Archaeological Service in 1928 to conduct research through excavation to find the materials more complete reconstruction. Existing buildings, including buildings pendapa of wood, is the result of restoration carried out in the late 1970s. It is unfortunate that the refurbishment or more accurately called the reconstruction is done without regard to the archaeological aspects, so that the authenticity of its forms can not be justified scientifically.

Found a mark at the site of the temple, it is known that the temple was built around the year 1451-1470, ie during the late reign of Majapahit Kingdom. Cetha Temple is a Hindu Temple which was built for the purpose of 'Ruwatan', ie Ruwatan (pray to the God and give some dedication) when get disaster and rescue efforts from various forms of pressure due to the ongoing turmoil at the time. The fact that this temple is a Hindu temple is very interesting, because the kings of Majapahit embraced Buddhism. 'Diversion' is alleged to have strong links with its development objectives. At that time Majapahit Kingdom is undergoing the process of collapse with the mounting social turmoil, political, cultural and even religious order before finally experiencing a total collapse in 1478 AD

I do not quite understand about history, because Indonesia is too much history. hehehe. For fun, we better take a review about Cetha temple area. Travel to Cetha Temple is very challenging for me because it guts the way to the temple through the road that climbed down and winding. So if you decide to visit this temple with your own vehicle, its would recommend that you have a good stamina vehicle and an expert driver. You as the passengers would enjoy the scenery surrounding the trip to the location, due to travel to the location you will be treated tea plantations of Kemuning stretch up to the location of a magnificent temple. We love visiting the Cetha temple because we feel equal with what we get after going through a hard trip.

When you visit a temple should come also to Cetha Sukuh. Usually the tourists visiting the Grojogan Sewu (Tawang Mangu) first then Sukuh Temple and then proceed to the temple Cetha. Sukuh Temple is famous as the temple that was controversial, I'll tell you later on another occasion.

Well... my photo display here may not be a recent photo of the temple Cetha, because the last time I was there about five years ago, this temple had begun to be rearranged.

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  1. id love to visit Indonesia some day! I hear its a very beautiful country!



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