Ancol Sky become colorful because of International Kite Festival

festival layanganAs the title above, today the sky in the region Carnival Market, Ancol, North Jakarta into a colorful because of the International kite festival in 2010 in Jakarta. The festival is held during the second day today on July 24 and July 25, 2010.

The participants of this international kite festival not only festived by participants in the country but also from nine friendly countries. Various events organized to enliven this kite Festival. Among the kite competitions creation two-dimensional and workshops by professional kite pelayang Arirang Korean origin.
On July 24 there are night-flying a kite flight display lighted.

kite festival, jakartaBesides watching kite flights attractions, visitors can follow a kite-making workshops from paper and plastic, the exhibition of Indonesian traditional kites and bazaars selling various kinds of kites.

On this day July 25 from 9:00 am, has lasted three-dimensional kite contest. And will also be held an international kite exhibition.

Anyway, the show really exciting, just imagine forms such as tigers, crocodiles, fish, spongbob rickshaws and even decorate the sky and make a colorful sky. Indeed participants held an international kite in the Jakarta area are not as many kite festivals held in Padang Galak, Sanur Beach, Bali, the approximately 720 participants. But at least 150 kinds of kites that enliven the kite festival held in Jakarta was also not lost its merry.:puppyeyes:

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