Sentani Lake Festival

Sentani FestivalLet's go around the world at this time will peek Jayapura, Indonesia. Actually I want to write about the anniversary of the capital Jakarta, which celebrated one full month in June. But I am more interested in quoting on Lake Sentani festival. I know my reasons why I am more interested in the Lake Sentani festival because I think this festival seems more unique.

Before discussing about the Lake Sentani Festival, let's take a short walk to Lake Sentani. Lake Sentani is 70-90 m above sea level. Also lies between the mountains Cyclops. Is a volcanic lake. Source water comes from 14 large and small rivers with a single estuary, Jaifuri Puay. In the west, old and Boroway doyo, the depth of the lake is very steep. While the eastern and central, sloping and shallow, and Simporo Puay. Here also there are forests and swamps in the area Simporo Yoka. In some notes mentioned, the basis of waters containing sandy mud substrate (humus). In shallow waters, overgrown plants pandanus and sago. The extent of approximately 9360 hectares with an average depth of 24.3 meters. Around in this lake there are 24 villages.

It was said that the City is located at Sentani Jayapura it has lots of natural beauty, so that the values of tradition and culture, the art of the tribes around Lake Sentani region does not participate in meal times faded, Sentani Cultural festival held deemed necessary.

Then ... When Lake Sentani festival held? According to information from the and other news sources, Lake Sentani Cultural Festival 2010 will be held on 19 to 23 June 2010 in Tourism Regions Kalkote lake Sentani, Jayapura regency, Papua. The theme of the festival, Lake Sentani used this time is Loving Culture For Our Future is motivated by a love of human existence through the strengthening of cultural character as a part of life.

Function of Lake Sentani Festival held in 2010 that is to preserve cultural values as a unique asset of Ondoafi and pledged a package tour can be enjoyed by domestic and foreign tourists. At this festival will be shown in a very unique culture as a heritage from our ancestors (or Ondofolo Ondoafi), among others, such as War Dance on the boat and other traditional dances from various tribes that exist in the Jayapura District in addition to the culture of other regions in Papua and other areas in Indonesia which have characteristics similar to Lake Sentani, such as the communities around Lake Toba in North Sumatra, North Sulawesi, Mindanao in the Lake, Lake Tempe in Sulawesi and so forth.
Sentani FestivalThere are also some details of the activities is the colossal dance of Papua, cultural competitions, water sports competitions, colossal drums echo, promotion and exhibition of economic potential, unique culinary and domestic Papua, handicraft people of Papua, the charm of orchids and ornamental plants typical of Papua, the field trip around Lake Sentani , field trips Tablanusu marine tourism village, historical monument ceremony of Japan in World War II Genyem, charm fireworks over Lake Sentani.

Race arts and culture among other water sports competitions ornamental boat, the race carving, painting and designing custom homes, hair and tattoo contest traditional wicker, speech-language areas, a rowing race, diving and swimming in Lake Sentani.

Cultural arts performances held, among others, various traditional dances and dance sendra "kaping-Lake Sentani kaping initial secret" in the courtyard or on the boat by indigenous peoples with their own unique rhythms and accompanied by the appearance of a colossal folk music, flute, drums and folk songs with various folk games including dance archipelago that is displayed for five full days.

Hopefully, Lake Sentani Festival will success, I just can help spread this information through the blog. Indonesia I Love You Full ..:woooh:

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