Rock Climbing on Siung Beach

Southern beaches in Gunung Kidul district, it has its own uniqueness. At this times I wanted to tell you about a Siung beach. Why is this beach has name Siung? When the Java language, Siung means canines. The views of the cliffs on the west coast is shaped like a row of canines, if according to information they said was like a form of apes canines or Siung Wanara.

Siung Beach is located on the south side of Tepus, Gunung Kidul District, approximately 70km, or about two hours from downtown Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Siung beach have white sand beaches and craggy. This beach is not wide enough but beautiful with the blue water of sea.

Shoreward to Siung beach should use private vehicles, can use a motorcycle or a car, because there is no public transportation leading to the Siung beach. Most public transport from Wonosari only until Tepus and he had to wait for hours to get the public transport. Private vehicles used to go to the beach should have good condition because of the way to the beach Siung many climbs and winding turns. It's way to the beach Siung not easy, but the scenery along the journey you will treated to views of limestone hills, arable crops and eucalyptus plantations which I think is very beautiful.

Another interesting about of the Siung beach is the cliffs Siung which became a challenging place for rock climbers. It said there were about 250 climbing routes. It said again pathways are ever used as an Asian Climbing Gathering in the 90s, since that's the Siung beach became increasingly popular. For those who like rock climbing, let's try the challenge of climbing on coastal Siung cliffs. Recomended, but sorry I was so afraid to climb the cliff.

Another interesting again, when night falls or when the beach was deserted, the group of wild long-tailed monkey will come down from the cliff to the beach. This long-tailed macaques, already scarce can be found on this beach. Perhaps because of the existence of these apes that causes the form of coral-like canines called Siung of monkeys were not the other canine animal.

Do you like rock climbing? Let's rock climbing on cliffs Siung Beach, Let's go around the world.

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