The bloom of the first Rafflesia patma in the world

rafflesia patmaConfused what a post would I make , then I tried to visit one of my favorite online newspapers namely Kompas. And wow .. I found something amazing and I also admire it. Well .. Let's Go Around the World this time will take a look at Bogor Botanical Gardens. What's going on there?

According to information I that i found, there is Rafflesia flower was bloom, named Rafflesia patma bloom again on June 21, 2010 at 05:30.Rafflesia patma that blooms at this time, have colors more brightly than Rafflesias which blooms in early of June. The color is pink, very cute. hihihi. Well ... it is like a special gift for the birthday of Bogor city to the birthday 483. Because rumored that a bloom of Rafflesia patma this time is the first in the world. wow ...

According to information from the newspaper there are three types of Rafflesia flower ever grow in Bogor Gotanical Garden, the rafflesia puspa, rafflesia rochusenii, and rafflesia arnoldi and after the growth of this Rafflesia patma then be four types of rafflesia flower ever grow in Bogor Botanical Garden. But there is no scientific documents related to the three types of Rafflesia flowers are ever growing in the Bogor botanical gardens. Evidence about the three types of raffflesia only from Dutch researchers travel notes and news in the paper so that the scientific community did not admit it. Huh .. pity indeed. And Rafflesia puspa that bloom now has been scientifically and well documented .:astig:

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  1. Rafflesia describes the power of pure love. Nice to be here, good luck !

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