Water sports in Tanjung Benoa Beach, Bali


Many people said that Bali is a paradise. But also some people said that Bali is not a paradise. Well ... everybody's got their own opinion. For me,I think Bali is cool for vacation. If you want to search for the most beautiful beaches in the world may be not in Bali, but Bali has a complete facility for the vacation. (Actually Sanur beach, Bali, included to top 10 of the most beautiful beach in the world. ^^)
Currently "Let's go around the world" just want to share, about one of Bali beaches that I ever discussed in the previous article. The article is Bali Beaches. And this article is perfect for those who have water sports hobby. Many water sports are fun and interesting available at this beach. I mean the beach of Tanjung Benoa.
According to several websites that provide package water sports tours on Tanjung Benoa, says there are 11 sports packages that you can try. Approximately what is it?
Here is a list that I managed to gather from various sources:
banana boat, watersport, bali, tanjung benoaI think this game is the most amusing game here. This game uses a single rubber boat pulled by a speed boat around the coast within 15 minutes. Banana boat load capacity is max 4 people plus one person as an assistant instructor. If you want to lose themselves in this game you should ask for dijeburin into the water or with a fairly fast speed. : D
Length of games: 15 minutes

2. Flying Fish
flying fish, watersport, bali, tanjung benoaThis game also categories in funny game and very fun. If you see the shape seems to use a third banana boat held together with additional rubber boat across the front and there is a kind of wing at beside right and left. Flying Fish played by three persons, two passengers in left and a right side and the instructor in the middle. Your position can stand as riding a motorcycle or sleep on her back. Flying Fish will be attracted by speed boat with a line of high-speed against the wind. Thus, flying fish will fly over the water about 2 meters or more depending on wind speeds. Just like a kite. For those who like challenges, do not miss to try this game. Definitely exciting!
Length of games: 15 minutes

3. Glass Bottom Boat + Turtle
glass bottom boat, turtle, watersport, bali, tanjung benoaGLASS BOTTOM BOAT & Turtle Island, is the most suitable tour if you have child who is still small. With the boats which have clear glass in the bottom of the ship, you will be invited to sail to see the deep-sea aquarium located at Tanjung Benoa beach. From the bot you can threw the bread out the sea, the fish will rise and chase the food. In hundreds of tails and colorful. Likewise, deep-sea corals with beautiful scenery. Once satisfied to see the scenery, the boat will glide towards Turtle Island to see the location of breeding turtles, who are quite rare animal existence. Here you will see which turtle that brooded eggs, small turtle, hawksbill turtles teens to adults who are ready to be parents. There is several types of turtle here. In addition, at this location there are also other animals such as birds, bats, snakes, etc. in great tame, so you can hold to be photographed. This activity takes approximately one hour.

4. Jet sky
jet sky, watersport, bali, tanjung benoaIt seemed everyone was familiar with this sport, it's just that maybe there are still many who haven't tried it, including me. There is a few information about jet sky that use of motor vehicles such as motorcycles, here you can not drive themselves, must be accompanied by an instructor, because at Tanjung Benoa beach there are many boats and other water sport activities, so that collisions can be avoided. Do not worry, the instructor will only drive from the beach toward the middle of the sea, well until you turn there who drive, the instructor luggage rack. When the game is 15 minutes.

5. Rolling Doughnut
rolling donuts, watersport, bali, tanjung benoaRolling Donuts is one of the favorite game in Tanjung Benoa. You will sit in a buoy which have donut-shaped and towed by a speed boat.
Length of games: 15 minutes

6. Para sailing
Para sailing, watersport, bali, tanjung benoaPara sailing is a game where you will be wearing a parachute and the parachute is pulled by speed boat draw round Tanjung Benoa beach. So just like real skydiving. When the game was one lap around four minutes in the air. Height of the rope connecting the parachute with a speed boat approximately 80 meters. So the game must be pretty high fly. It is very challenging and full of fun. For those of you who are afraid of heights should not try this game.
Length of Games: first round

7. Scuba diving
scuba diving, watersport, bali, tanjung benoaThis game is most I want to try ,but not in Bali. I want to try it in Raja Ampat in Papua. For information about Scuba diving in Tanjung Benoa, the tourists will be accompanied by an instructor under the water, so no need to worry. Previously, you'll be brief about the ways used to dive right. Depth for beginners ranging between 3 feet - 7 feet in the water for 40 minutes. Taking the bread for fish food, you'll see beautiful scenery under deep-sea coral reefs who fulfilled by a beautiful and colorful ornamental fish of many colors.
Length of games: 1 hour

8. Sea walker
sea walker, watersport, bali, tanjung benoaFor this attraction game I have ever discussed before, to remember back then I will give some idea about this game. Sea Walker is walking on the sea floor using a water-resistant helmet. When we walked on the seabed, the water will not enter into the helmet. Even more cool again, we even no need to remove the glasses when guns were under water. To breathe, we will be assisted by the oxygen gas that flowed through wires connected to the helmet that we use. With the stairs, about 7 meters, we will get to the bottom of the sea and can walk around to see the fish and beautiful coral reefs in the sea Tanjung Benoa.
Length of games: 30 minutes

9. Snorkeling
snorkeling, watersport, bali, tanjung benoaSnorkeling, is swimming looking at the underwater scenery. The main Terms you should know how to swim. By using a mask and fins, you will see ornamental fish and coral imaginable while swimming. I prefer scuba diving, the reason being I could not swim.
Length of games: 1 hour

10. Water Skiing
water skiing, watersport, bali, tanjung benoaWater skiing is a marine tourism are quite challenging. By stepping on a board you will be pulled by speed boat, be like skiing or surfing sports.
Length of games: 15 minutes

wake board, watersport, bali, tanjung benoaWake board is a challenging game of adrenaline in Tanjung Benoa. You will be drawn with speedboat and sliding with the board. Very exciting and challenging.
Length of games: 15 minutes




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  2. Can you pls let us know the rates for each of these activities?
    Also, if there are packages which allow different activities to be combined?


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