Segara Anak Lake, unique and beautiful

For mountaineers Rinjani, Segara Anak is definitely one of the reasons, purpose and favorite climber to Rinjani Mt. That is the truth that Segara Anak lake is different and exotic.

Segare Anak (Segare means Sea and Anak means son) that formed due to volcanic eruption of Mount Rinjani. Community called Segara Anak as ocean/ sea because of the color of this lake is blue like the sea. This lake is situated at an altitude of 2800 M, there are plenty of fish and other flora and fauna. The fish are numerous in this lake are carp, tilapia and fish Harper. Segara Anak Lake water smelled of sulfur, the temperature differs from one place to another.

Area lake is approximately 1100 hectares, a depth between 160-230 meters. In the middle of this lake appears like a small mountain. It is a new volcanic mountains that are still active and growing. This mountaint called Baru Jari Mount. Segara Anak lake by the surrounding communities have trusted the magic that can cure disease, also for the cult to get the magical objects.).

For Sasak tribe, the lake Segara Anak is considered a sacred place that must be guarded purity. The lake is a bluish green color was used also as a place of pilgrimage and worship, Hinduism, Islam Wettu Telu (Hindu-Muslim syncretism) and reliance on God Almighty.

So if visit Segara Anak do not be surprised if you smell the flower offerings or Dupa around the edge of the lake. Sasak tribe believed that the lake Segara Anak is the reside place Goddess Anjani so Segara Anak Lake highly respected . Dewi Anjani also as a trusted guardian faerie Mount Rinjani.

Facts for the climbers that Segara Anak can relax the muscles tense as a day of climbing with some swimming baths around the natural sulfur. And the wild monkeys with the sharp-toothed will be fun watching your shower and bathing activity. hihihihi.

And most exciting is when the climbers said to burn the fish (bake fish) in the edge of the lake. Fish that breed in the Segara Anak lake like Mas fish, Oreochromis mossambicus and Harper. If you are tired of fishing and do not get none of fish, you can buy fish from local residents that they usually sell around the lake when the vacation time. According to some stories, the fish in the Segara Anak first time in the scatterplot by Alm. President Suharto, I am less sure does .. But many climber say that the fish which live in this lake does have a large size.

Um ... Yummie ...

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