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sea walkerYou wanted to feel and play with the fishes and touch it in the sea , but you can not swim. Um ... it's not impossible now. If you're visiting Bali, Indonesia, visit the beach of Sanur. There you can take a walk on the ocean floor without knowing the technique of snorkeling or scuba diving, you are doing is a stroll in the sea like a walk on the onshore course wear special equipment. This special tool such as a helmet like an astronaut helmet. The advantage of this attraction is that if you use glass eyes or contact lenses, you do not need to remove it and your hair is not to be wet also. There are special service here, for Muslim women who wear hijab, were required to wear wetsuit to keep them closed, but for other women who may also fall into the sea using only a bathing suit or bikini or regular clothes. Hihihihi well .. fun.

Astronaut helmets helmets like we used to dive into the sea, is a helmet designed specifically for the stream of pure oxygen. This helmet is designed for children 9 years and older or have at least 140 cm tall, so for children less than 9 years of age or children who have less than 140 cm tall so can not enjoy this attraction. This helmet was very heavy, when on land weighing about 32 kg but when in the sea the weight becomes about 5 kg. Maximum age to join this attraction is 80 years.

sea walkerHowever, this attraction can only reach a certain depth that is about 5-8 meters. It was said that we would not feel the difference between breathing on land and in water. In a package roughly sea walker conducted for 3-4 hours, but the real attraction is the sea walker for approximately 30 minutes, within 30 minutes you can walk under the sea and feed the fish in the sea or danced together the fish in the sea. Total time required 3-4 hours of preparation where the team consists of instructors will explain about the way of execution and also tell what codes are used when doing sea walker attractions. And the time required for travel to photon etc. :puppyeyes:well .. it seems nice. according to the information that I get, sea walker package is also only one in Indonesia today.

What is the price for this attraction?
For the price it could be said cheap or expensive depending on your class and assessment. In my opinion, attractions sea walker is considered expensive but it's comparable to what we can. According to information worth approximately U.S. $ 85.00/person.
What amenities?
- Free hotel transfer in A / C coach or minivan
- Refreshment (coffee / tea)
- Professional Instructor Sea Walker
- All safety approved equipment
- International set lunch menu
- Mineral water
- U.S. $ .100,000 Insurance Cover
Can not we do the attractions during this sea walker photographing or recording with the video?
Could but must use a special camera that can be used for diver depth of more than 8 meters. If you do not have it you can rent a camera / cam recorder at maximum result, at just U.S. $ 8 per photo.
What to Bring:
Sunscreen, a towel, swimming costume, and money or credit cards for drinks or videos and photos.
To try sea walker you can make reservations directly or via the internet. If you wish to order directly please come to Puri Santrian, Sanur, Bali, Indonesia and if you want to order via internet you can visit this wesite:

Really interesting and let's go around the world.:puppyeyes:.

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