Salatiga Carnival

salatiga fashion carnivalI missed about an interesting event information that is Salatiga Carnival Center (SSC) which was held on May 10, 2010; 10:00 to 15:00 in Salatiga, Central Java, Indonesia. Carnival is themed "INDONESIA Heritage", which means promote Indonesian cultural forces that always inspires the fashion world. The theme "INDONESIA Heritage" is still divided into sub-themes, such as Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan (Borneo), Sulawesi, Bali, Papua, China and Neo Heritage. Here is a brief description of the sub-sub-themes are:

SUMATERA - Property Indonesia as a charm that is second to none in the world with cultural and historical background. SUMATERA The Land of Gold is presented in a luxurious impression, fantastic and monumental. Colors of gold, red, green, and black will remind the triumph of Indonesia in the Age of Monarchy. With the slogan SAVE SUMATERA.

salatiga fashion carnivalJAVA - Indonesia Intellectual second is a densely populated island with a striking particularities and differences. Also present were traditional Javanese dances that use a mask. Java will be presented how the mask which is the physique of Gecul punokawan which gives the impression funny, elegant, but beautiful.

KALIMANTAN - Indonesian Property is no other one. As an inspirational costume full diversity of birds that always look beautiful and full of tenderness. The Land of the Equator will be presented how solah Busway bird, which is always there and come here to dance. With typical black, red, gold-filled glory.

SULAWESI - wealth management with the next Indonesian ornaments are always fascinating peculiarities many people. With the known world marine tourism is bringing SULAWESI Bunaken as a world tourist destination. By presenting SULAWESI with Toraja traditional house full of uniqueness and grandeur. Colors Red, Black, and Gold will bring the tourist island of Sulawesi as the next world.

salatiga fashion carnivalBALI - Indonesia's wealth should not be left out this one that Bali is a tourist destination both for foreign tourists after Hawaii. With a strong culture, bali comes with valor and beauty of the dancers. BALI is Paradise also for photographers and surfers of the world. Should not be missed is the frangipani flowers always adorn the crown of the virgin-virgin beauty of Bali. WORLD ISLAND OF HEAVEN color distinctiveness is to be presented with orange, red, black, white, and golden.

PAPUA - Indonesia Intellectual this one is the omega and the best culture of Indonesia. With the uniqueness and also full of gold. PAPUA as inspiration brings the best in the Carnival this time. PAPUA is a paradise for tourists who want to explore the indigenous cultures of Indonesia. Black, brown, and the Papua community bring simplicity continue to appear stately and riveting.

CHINA - Culture this one was taken because of the people of Indonesia who enuh with diversity. So was successively CHINA guests in carnival costume theme this year. With typical red color, black, gold and white and with a magnificent ornament to deliver presentations carnival costumes carnival costumes china as full of sound and agility.

NEO Heritage - A supporting theme for the carnival this year. Neo Heritage is the combination of the previous seven themes that always gives typical stately, charming, but still look beautiful. Will dipresentaikan with black, gold, and merging of seven elements of pre-existing culture.

SSC held this year represents the second SSC. SCC was presented with the best catwalk in the world with a route length of 2.3 KM with Satya Wacana Christian University (SWCU) - Jalan Diponegoro - Jend.Sudirman Road - Road Lt. Sukowati - Field of Pancasila. SSC is not just a casual fashion parade, but better integrate all the performing arts face painting, art design, fashion art, music and dance.

Um .. interesting, to see the fashion carnival in Indonesia is always interesting in my eyes because he saw in Indonesia carnival fashion so diverse and reflected the cultural diversity and natural wealth seaakan-Indonesia will see a miniature of the running. Originator of the fashion carnival beginning in Indonesia is Jember (Jember Fashion Carnival) and apparently the event was very successful and received several awards, and other cities has become a passion for performance permissibility also include Fashion Parade with Jogjakarta(Yogyakarta) fashion festival, Solo Batik Carnival and Salatiga Carnival Center. As information that I get and I ever seen in Yogyakarta, mostly carnival using recycled products from the trash.
Impressed me with the road because that road is its own art. And many artists know that potential, thanks to those who are concerned and developers who make the streets look beautiful and comfort. Congratulations banc and never get bored to dream of Le's go around the world.

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