Sail Banda 2010

Wow ... interesting and big event will be held in Maluku, Indonesia. Event was name "Sail Banda", which is scheduled between July 27 until August 8, 2010. Sail Banda 2010 will take the main theme of "Small Island, For Our Future". This theme was taken because the location of the Maluku province as the place for this event, is dominated by its geographical srtuktur by small islands. As well as the areas most threatened by climate change issue is very relevant when the discussion focused on the impact of changes climate on small islands. An exciting agenda to be understood by the Forum Islands Province.

From the information that I get, the main agenda of Sail Banda i.e yacht rally and race, kerjurnas aquatic sport and game fishing, diving international tournament, the Arafura Games, an international conference on small island, the Indonesian-Australian cooperation conference, an international seminar on "sago and Spices for food safety, seafood and fish products expo", teen domestic maritime traffic, warning Independence Southwest In Maluku, the operation "Baskara Surya Jaya" and the Navy to Navy port visit and talk. This agenda is still evolving, if there are great ideas developed from the regions.
In addition to the above agenda, would be other national and international event which will be merged, ie such Sail Bunaken that can be combined to enliven the city of Ambon, among others: 1) National Conference of coastal and small islands which involved 500 participants up to 1000 people, 2) Senior Official Meeting (meeting first echelon) and the Ministerial Meeting (Meeting ministerial level) from six countries triangular area of coral reefs (Coral Triangle), namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Timor Leste, Papua New Guinea and Salamon Islands.

Route of "Banda Sail" from Banda to Ambon is the capital of Maluku province, the summit of this event is the culmination of planning Maluku as the national fish barns that will be inaugurate by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY), which is scheduled on August 3, 2010. Although Sail Banda event is still quite long, but according to information that I get, the number of participants who have registered this event carrying some 220 participants from 22 countries in February , 2010, while the scheduled target of 200 participants. Wow ... although the event is still long, but already interested by many participants. Hopefully this event will success. I can only participate disseminate this information, but I also want to participate to this party. Ah .. maybe someday I also enliven the event, during the dream and my passion for "Let's go around the world" still exists in this life. lol.:astig:
Map of Sail Banda route :
Map by google:

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