Roads to Prambanan Temple

visit prambanan-anjieyaJustify FullWell .. almost a year I don't visit Prambanan temple. Every time I visit Prambanan there is always new and there are funny stories, though I have many times visited the Prambanan temple, but I still love and always enthusiastic when asked to go there.

So which I have to tell first, the funnies one or the new ones? Um .. I better join Honestly story.

Starting from scratch, that is the first time visit to Prambanan temple where I was in third grade elementary school. First visited Prambanan, its mean that everything there is very new and unique me but I do not remember what time its privileges. Understandably I do not understand what is my purpose to visit Prambanan. But the first memories that still mark, first time I see the temples of Prambanan are already beautiful but the surrounding area has not been maintained like this now. I'm just looking here and there without knowing what the purpose of visiting Prambanan. Very strange to me that visit, perhaps because of less fun.

visit prambanan-anjieyaThe second visit is when I deliver impressive guests from Japan together with my sister. The visitor was a girl named Haruna who we call Nana. Nana was very jovial and funny, he's also very enthusiastic about visiting Prambanan. So it looks like her spirit was contagious to us. Because she's Japanese, so she get special services that she had to pay 10x the price of domestic tickets. Domestic ticket price was Rp 9000 so Nana had to pay Rp 90,000, it's lucky she's been reading travel guide books so she was very understanding about it. Visit to Prambanan with Nana and my sister actually the worst and the most funny time visit there. Why is that? Since that time the building of the temple in tragic circumstances and without the safeguards assured, which is still heavily damaged by the earthquake in Yogyakarta in 2006. So the earthquake took place in May 2006 and we visited the Prambanan in September 2006, when Prambanan temple conditions is still dangerous but we are so innocently followed a warning violators. Fuih .. fortunately we are still survive.You can see in the picture as well as what Prambanan circumstances at that time.

visit prambanan-anjieyaThird visit, that impressed in July 2009 and Prambanan still in conservation. I invited by mother to escort visitors from Panama and Taiwan. Panamanian people apparently have the advantage of having a local face a case of Indonesian people, so while he was in Indonesia, he received treatment as local tourists who pay to local tourist attractions with local prices without the slightest suspicion of officers, were the guests of other very prominent Taiwanese they amount to 3 people, one female and two male. The most striking is the female tourist, UV protective hats accessories are very striking. Because she was white and the hat is not common in Indonesia, she and two other men who immediately intercepted and escorted the chamber is a special admission tickets for 10x domestic tickets . She was very angry and think that there is Chinese race discrimination in Indonesia, because she can not speak English so we hard to explain that there are differences in price for local and foreign tourists. She thought there was discrimination because guests from Panama have pay for a local ticket. Lol, she was very angry and refused to enter into the temple. If they bring a student card will get a discount, but they leave it at home. And one guy there who keep coming in with borrow mothers student card. Unfortunately, all the way to come but did not enjoy the tour that was in front of the eye.

visit prambanan-anjieyavisit prambanan-anjieyaAnd the most recent visit that afternoon with my friend, there's a new entry in the Prambanan is no longer a paper ticket but use smart card to open the entrance and should bring a visitor to open the exit door. Now, it is a playground for children, but still a swing and a seesaw. And the condition of the temple also has good, live main temples namely Siwa(Shiva) temple that haven't finish yet. Souvenir sellers have been arange, but I do not like because of the way to the exit feels much because we have to follow the roads to escape the souvenir kiosks. And we also have experiences today when visit to Prambanan, because we use Transjogja transport services and as we finished spinning because we did not hear clearly what was kenek (the assistant of bus driver) said when each bus will raise and lower the passenger. All that's fun but I'm so dizzy.hihihi.. But I'm still very excited if u asking me Let's go around the


  1. Prambanan Temple? I not yet visit here! if in Borobudur temple, I was..
    Its just English BLog???

  2. @nova13. Hahaha..for me its not only English blog, but something fun. Borobudur and Prambanan is different, Borobudur is a buddhist temple and prambanan is a hindu's temple. Maybe if u visit jogja someday, u can visit prambanan also.


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