Misool Eco is a unique resort in Raja Ampat, Papua

Misool Eco ResortI'm still intrigued by the beauty of underwater sea in Raja Ampat, Papua, Indonesia. Although I can not swim but I'm very interested with diving and snorkeling. Hei.. somebody told me that we don't need swimming skill to try diving. Wow...love it.

As the information I get from the media, the underwater Raja Ampat scenery is very beautiful and already well known in foreign countries, but unfortunately even less popular in his own country. What a pity indeed. I ever make a post about Raja Ampat, then I am reminded again
about the post and read it again. I noticed the Raja Ampat is unique and beautiful, it like seeing a place that does not exist in Indonesia.
Intrigued by the beauty of Raja Ampat later I was browsing again about the place. And wow ... I found a picture of a beautiful and unique resorts. It is Misool Eco resort. I was reminded again of my friend's story who ever work in Papua, she said there is a very unique resort in Raja Ampat. Does she mean this resort is Misool Eco Resort?

From the characteristics described by my friend, resorts have cottage like a hut but it is very interesting and a lot of tourists visiting this resort. Bingo! Looks like I got the material for my post this time. Hehehe.

Misool Eco Resort
Why I am interested to make a post about this resort, the first reason is because I had a little talk about Raja Ampat and it felt incomplete if I do not support with the facilities there. A second reason is because this resort is very beautiful and very unique. I like the style this resort, e.g peace, comfort and a luxurious simplicity. Indeed when viewed from the outside,look like ugly resort, but its luxury what I mean that every room in the Resort has a view overlooking into the sea and when we see this resort as if floating on the sea because it is built above sea level. Wow .. so cool ...
But now, Raja Ampat also have villa. The villa name is Villa Tabisu, it is first Deluxe Villa in Misool Eco Resort. This gorgeous 2-room villa is conveniently located near the dive center, built on the outer edge of the North Lagoon. Its massive outdoor living area faces east and enjoys glorious sunrise views, all your own. Wow..so cool.
What attracts between the villas and cottages in Eco Resort Misool both use traditional natural reed grass roof.
Because of its roof made of natural reeds grass makes Misool Eco Resorts like hut resort. But the facilities provided in Misool Eco Resort is the hotels standard and even more interesting than hotels. Here it is another interesting reason for it : in the villas and cottages, both providing Balinese-style bathroom with an open-air shower. Wow..Cool. And one more thing, even though the roof cottages and villas of this resort from natural reeds grass but the floors are made with natural stone. Well .. that's what stands out in Misool Eco Resort. For other facilities the same as most hotels.
Ok..I thinks is all for now, I'm tired but not for say Let's go around the world.
Source of photos and articles from
Misool Eco Resorts Raja Ampat Papua: www.misoolecoresort.com

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