Let's climb to The Mountain Rinjani

Mount Rinjani with altitude 3726 meters above sea level, which is administratively into the territory of West Lombok regency, East Lombok and Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Mount Rinjani is the second highest volcano in Indonesia. The mountain is also part of Mount Rinjani National Park (Taman Nasional Gunung Rinjani (TNGR) ) which has approximately 41 330 ha outside. Mount Rinjani is also a volcano that has the potential Geotourism, besides it also has a panoramic caldera, lake Segara Anak the peak, craters, waterfalls, hot springs, caves, historical eruptions and a new lava flow.

Mount Rinjani is a favorite spot for hikers climbing Indonesia, many hiker says that make a climb on Mount Rinjani is the five star trekking (climbing five stars), signaling and call of those who ever reach Rinjani's peak, if a hotel then it is the highest class, five stars. Currently there are three official channels ascent to the summit of Mount Rinjani, is path-Torean Senaru and North Lombok and East Lombok District Sembalun Line.

Climbing route (channels ascent ) to Mt Rinjani:
Rinjani's Peak can access from many places and each route has different a specific scene.

1. The route from Bayan - Torean (northeastern North)
From Bayan walk or ride the local transportation of the Bayan to Torean, after that hug the river directly into the White crowing basic caldera. The journey takes one full day and a bit difficult.

2. The route from Bayan - Senaru (North)
Senaru can be reached from Lombok's capital Mataram by motor vehicles (day trip). Then walk from Senaru to Babanan (north caldera rim), continued to Kokok Putih. This route also takes one full day. From Kokok Putih will be more difficult because the climbers will start to climb towards the summit of Mount Rinjani using path from Plawangan Mt. Nevertheless climbing using this route is the easiest path from other.

3. Route Sembalun Lawang (East)
Ride vehicle from Mataram to Pesugulan (approx. 4 hours). Then proceed to Sembalun Bumbung dan Sembalun Lawang, this takes approximately 3 hours drive. From Sembalun Lawang Plawangan mountain climbers can reach and into the Segara Anak lake with approximately one day's journey. And from the mountain Plawangan then climb Mount Rinjani. This road is quite difficult but the most widely used by the climbers.

4. Route of Sajang
Sajanglocated between Sembalun Lawang and Bayan. Ascent to Mount Plawangan not much different from that of Sembalun Lawang because walking trails not far from the west into one.

5. The route from Koumbi (Sesaut)
Sesaut located in the mountains southwest of Rinjani is just as far as half-hour journey by vehicle to the east of Mataram. Travel until at Babanan takes about 1 and half day, after two days arrived at the Kokok Putih. Trekking the long journey presents a beautiful open landscapes, but appealing to a mountain climber who loves jungle.

Rinjani summit can only be reached from two directions, namely from Mount Plawangan and directly from Aikmel. Travel from Aikmel is very difficult because it will not find the spring flows and takes two days of travel. To be recommended only for who have good navigation and survival ability if want to trying this route.

Mountain Condo or better known as the Mount Sangkareang Daya by local people also called Mount Punduk which first climbed by Basleman in 1966 by using lines from Timbanuh. approximately one day of climbing. From this summit could descend to Segara Anak Lake.

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