Kawah Putih

Kawah Putih (White crater) located in the southern area of Bandung, is about 46 km or 2.5 hours from Bandung to the gate of Kawah Putih location.From entrance to the crater distance of about 5 km or can be taken approximately 20 minutes. Through asphalt road winding with views of natural forest with diverse species of plants. White crater is located in a mountain called Mount Patuha.Long times ago, peoples assume that the crater area haunted because many birds died on the spot through the crater. Then in 1837 a Dutch scientist from German denied this belief. Franz Wilhelm Junghun who is also a Dutch planter who loves the natural preservation of doing research and found that no other such awesomeness caused by the outpouring of lava that smelled of sulfur is very strong. Although when it was discovered, the society is not interested with this place to make it as a tourist attraction. Only after PT Perhutani developed in 1987, the Kawah Putih area was created a tourist attraction in West Java. Water crater on the mountain other than the water a bright color and also always changes, this the main reason why this place more interesting. Surface of the crater is generally rocky and sandy white color, so that the crater was then known as the white crater.

Some researcher said that the mountain Patuha still active, so found several craters that are still swirling jets. Also found a 5-meter-deep cave near this place that used as a sulfur mine. Would no wonder if suddenly crater produce a lot steamy crater, and it makes the visitors found to cough due to inhaling air that smelled of very strong sulfur.
The beauty of the Kawah Putih lake, is very enchanting and amazing. Plus very cool temperatures throughout the day (with temperatures of around 8-22 degrees Celsius). Perhaps because of this crater is located on the mountain which has a height of about 2.434m above sea level. In fact, many people said that there is no more beauty crater lake than Kawah Putih. Because of its natural beauty, is often used as a place for prewedding photos, filming movies and soap operas.
On the way to the crater, we will pass the interesting objects such as old railroad tracks,padi's fields, green tea gardens and pine forest area. In keeping with Kawah Putih point you can continue the journey to the lakes or camping Patengan Upas to the ranch, which is also the breeding of deer, or swim in the Ciwalini's hot springs. If visit Kawah Putih do not forget to stop in Rancabali 's strawberry plantations, in the area you can pick your own strawberrys that you like for brought to home. And for those of you who want to stay around Kawah Putih, there is many inns that have been available. Interesting,isn't it? Let's keep the spirit for 'Let's go around the world.

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2. some artikel grap from kawah putih

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