Interesting places in Mount Rinjani

Here is some place that you get if you climb to mount Rinjani Mt and maybe they are be reason why climb to mount Rinjani is the five star trekking (climbing five stars). Check it out :

1. Segara Anak Lake
This beautiful lake was formed from the former crater, an area with a depth of 230m square 11.000.000m. This lake is very rich with fish. Not only climbers are fishing here, but many locals also come to here for fishing. Rinjani climber said if you climb to mount Rinjani without spend the night at the Segara Anak area it seemed there is something missing.

2. Goa Susu
Goa Susu in English will mean Dairy Cave. Its called Goa Susu because the water of this lake have color white as milk because containing sulfur that came out from a crack rock in this cave. Gap to enter this cave is very narrow and very difficult to pass. Locals believe anyone could enter into the cave it means the person has a pure heart.

3. Air Kalak
Air Kalak or Inverse water in the local language which means hot water, flowing from the top down and form small pools which have different temperatures. If you want to soak, just select the temperature you like hot, warm or lukewarm.

4. Gunung Baru Jari
Gunung Baru Jari (Tribe Sasak language) meaning mountain incipient. If translate to English, Gunung Baru Jari mean New Mount Finger. Mount Rinjani is a typical mountain scenery and is second to none. It is rarely that can to the top of the Baru Jari mountain even though according to the information there is already a path to get there, maybe it is because Baru jari Mountain is still active and out of gas.
5. Traditional Village of Sasak tribe
The village is located right beside the Senaru Post Dasional Park. This village is very unique because it features da house building in this complex Sasak village still maintains the authenticity of the Sasak ethnic culture. As with Baduy tribe in Banten, Sasak tribe house without wearing spikes and looks very neat. in addition to this traditional village in a waterfall Senaru also called Sindang gile, which is located not so far from Senaru.

I ever climbed the mountain once, namely Mount Lawu, at the border of Central Java and East Java . And I'm still eager to climb the mountain again. Let's Go Around the World.
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