Funny game at South Square of Yogyakarta Palace

Alun-alun Kidul (AlKid) or the south square is one of Jogjakarta tourism icons is pretty phenomenal. When you visit the square in the afternoon, this place will feel just like most ordinary town square. But notice in the middle of the south square there are two large banyan tree. Well that's where a favorite of ridiculous and funny game but instead sought all the tourists who come to Yogyakarta. What kind of game is it? This game about trust if people can pass through the Banyan trees that called Ringin Kurung at night, with closed eyes and with a straight step so their desires and willing of these people will granted. But keep in mind it's just a myth and just as a game, but the myth is actually able to suck a lot of local and foreign tourists to come to the Alkid. It was strange to most people, pass Ringin Kurung at night, with closed eyes and with a straight step is not easy. So when we noticed that people will tend to walk leaning to the right or left, even some who can spin aimlessly, some really funny scene. No wonder many people are curious to try this game. Name of this game is Masangin.

It was said the famous Indonesian mentalist, Dedy Corbuzier passed Ringin Kurung smoothly and safely, unfortunately I have not witnessed such scenes. The rumor or fact, Dedy Corbuzier capable of passing Ringin Kurung safely because he refers to the force of gravity (perhaps by way of capturing the vibrations of earth gravity, or whatever i'm also not understand). It is not strange because he drove around the capital city of Jakarta with closed eyes and with multiple layers to cover it (I don't know how many layers) has succeeded to survive, well if compared to Ringin Kurung may be to much easy. Because the circumference of Jakarta could have miles pass Ringin Kurung just a few feet, isn't it? Actually he passed Ringin Kurung lightly... is so trivial ... Unfortunately I did not watch so I can not comment about it. If I had tried many times, I just can pass Ringin Kurung for one's time but not with straight step, a little bit turn.

Now that I have a story there is a American who also thinks that the past Ringin Kurung s an easy job, he says you only need the concentration (Yes, right.) And he prepares himself by closing his eyes, and walked exactly like a regular walking as his eyes not closed. He felt confident. He said do not need to accompanied him, the important things if he before he hit something, to please to say it. Now he's companion become don't care about him then she took quite a distance away from that man. Because of stepped so fast then he will hit the wall of Kurung its can't save anymore. At first his leg hit the Kurung wall then his forehead and his nose nearly scratched because hit same crooked the wall of Kurung because of he was too unsteady shock. Automatically he is shocked and angry to his guide. He berate his guides because she do not care, basically all the rude of the USA version's words out. Because guides annoyance, she lived him. Then the American man realized that it was his mistake because he did not care his self. After realizing his stupidity he said "I'm stupid!". and laughing to himself. ... Well i think its pretty funny. For me, who is wrong? I think both is wrong because indeed dangerous if not accompanied. But it could be a lesson for all of us, do not be arrogant and be careful if you want to go ... Do not take everything lightly ..
Let's go around the world...see there is many interesting things out site your room. hahahaha.

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