Mahakarya Borobudur (Ballet of Borobudur Masterpiece )

Mahakarya BorobudurI haven't watched ballet of Borobudur Masterpiece performances. According to information that I found from some sites, Borobudur Masterpiece ballet was performed by 150 dancers. The show was held at the open stage Aksobya located exactly at the foot of Borobudur Temple, Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia.

Borobudur Masterpiece indeed a great show like Ramayana Ballet performance at Prambanan temple, but he says this show is less exciting when compared with the Ramayana Ballet performance. I do not know exactly what the reason was because I had never seen it, but maybe the artistic arrangement which is still lacking than Ramayana Ballet.
Mahakarya BorobudurMahakarya BorobudurMahakarya Borobudur

In the year 2010, the Borobudur Masterpiece will be performed four times, at 22 May, 26 June, 24 July & 11 September 2010. All performances held on Saturdays at 7:00 to 9:00 pm.
Admission :
To gain admission to the venue, please produce tickets at the entrance. All audiences are required to have ticket.
Platinum SeatUS$ 80
Gold SeatUS$ 60
Festival Seat US$ 30
*The fee must be paid in Indonesia Rupiah. Credit cards are not accepted for payment.

The above rates of course can be changed any time in accordance with the policy developers of Borobudur Park. For complete information on regulations and ticket prices please visit the website borobudurpark site. I don't know about facilities that included , but my friend told me the price is inclusive of dinner tickets. They said dinner was served before the performance starts. So before seeing the show, guests are invited to eat dinner that has been provided which are usually arranged like a garden party. The show was held by the duration of one hour.
Borobudur Masterpiece Synopsis:
Scene 1:
The mood in life tend to change as Manggilingan Chakra, which describes the greed, evilness. oppress each other resulting in chaotic and tense atmosphere. Rakai Panangkaran presence known as a spiritual figure responsive to human life that his actions are not commendable, for it then he teaches about the way life is good. Subjects in the form of a stone staircase (Temple) which contains teaching Kamadhatu life, Rupadhatu and Arupadhatu.

Scene 2:
The atmosphere of democracy and mutual cooperation, togetherness and community spirit on the slopes of Mount Menoreh in starting construction of the Borobudur Temple. Then came the disruption of the spirits who cause the suffering of the people. The royal courtier and Bhiku immediately take action to expel evil spirits.

Scene 3:
Samaratungga King was determined to complete the construction of temples, with the help and support of all the people unite to work hard to complete the building of Borobudur temple.

Scene 4:
King Samaratungga, the leaders and the entire community are grateful for the completion of Borobudur temple construction with knees and pray under the leadership of the Bhiku for peace and tranquility of living.

For me ballet is an interesting show. We used to admire the splendor of Borobudur temple during the day and it's good if we also could see the atmosphere in the evening. Love it and let's go around the world.:astig:

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