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Bali again .. oh again. Well apparently did not get enough of talking about Bali. Bali is beautiful and exotic. Um .. If you are planning for summer vacations in the tropical country that has a beautiful beach and full facilities, I think Bali, Indonesia is place that you want.

For those who are familiar with Bali, certainly they will said "Oh a cool place". Bali is cool, really? Wow .. to many reason to answer that. Everyone who has ever come to Bali, said that Bali is paradise, yep .. Bali is a paradise for the tourists. And this time I will present one of the reasons that Bali is a beautiful place, it is the beaches. Bali beaches, here's the list:

1. Kuta Beach
Kuta Beach is a tokutaurist spot located in the south of Denpasar, the capital of Bali, Indonesia. Kuta is located in Badung Regency. Kuta Beach is famous for sunset scenery. In Kuta there are many shops, restaurants, bathing place and sunbath. Besides the beauty, Kuta beach also offers various other types of entertainment such as bars and restaurants along the beach to Legian beach.
This beach also has a pretty good waves for surfing especially for beginner surfers. Not surprisingly if Kuta beach always bustling visited by tourists.
2. Legian and Seminyak Beach
legianLegian and Seminyak Beach located north of Kuta beach has the same atmosphere of Kuta beach, but beaches at Legian and Seminyak are cleaner and less crowded atmosphere. Legian and Seminyak Beach is also famous for sunset scenery, because the atmosphere here sunset each day is never the same and very unique.

3. Jimbaran Beach
jimbaranLocation of Jimbaran beach is not too far away from Ngurah Rai Air Port, so not far away from Kuta beach also. From ancient times many people in Jimbaran who worked as a fisherman. Along the development of tourism in Bali, now has built many cafes serving grilled fish dishes. Hence Jimbaran beach is very famous with place to eating seafood. In the evening at sunset is a very highly anticipated, because while eating foods we can see the sunset. very romantic.

4. Dreamland Beach
dreamlandThis beach is a favored by foreign tourists, white sand stretches very wide. Coral reefs and beaches adorn this large, one of white sand beach in Bali that very beautiful and exotic. Unfortunately access to this place was kind of hard because they have to enter the luxury housing complex and a very steep downward path, so be careful when rainy season. Dreamland Beach is also famous for its waves, so this beach was a favorite of surfers.

5. Sanur Beach
sanurThis beach is great for a swim, because the water is calm and the waves was far out at sea. Many local communities usually come here to swim or just walk. Dreamland Beach and Sanur Beach known as sunrise beach.

6. Uluwatu Beach
uluwatuUluwatu beach is a place for professional surfers. The waves are big enough, make the surfer lover who come here to try it. Clean white sand and beautiful scenery provide additional value for this beach. To reach this place we had to walk down, down the hill because of its location it is under the hill Pecatu.

7. Nusa Dua Beach
nusa duaIts location in the hotel area of Nusa Dua. This beach is also very suitable for swimming or just a walk to enjoy its natural beauty. Many built five star hotels in this area, and each hotel usually has its own beach area (private beach).

8. Tanjung Benoa Beach
tanjung benoaIts location not far from the resort area of Nusa Dua, about 30 minutes from Kuta area, the beach is the center of marine tourism activities (water sport). Various activities could be done here, among others; Parasailing, jet sky, Banana Boat, Flying Fish, Snorkeling, and other events. From here we can also go to Turtle Island to see this rare animal breeding.

9. Lovina Beach
lovinaLocated north of Bali tourist region, +2.5 hours from Kuta. Lovina is also a leading tourist area of Bali, because here the tourists can enjoy the natural atmosphere which is very different. Mountain landscapes that look very close to the beach make this area more attractive to visit. Hotels, villas and other lodging types are also very much built here. In the morning, at sunrise, here we can watch the dolphins swimming on the ocean surface. If we want to see dolphins up close, we can rent fishing boats there, then not too far into we can already see hundreds of dolphins swimming in their habitat.

10. Amed and Tulamben Beach
amed-tulambeneach Amed and Tulamben Beach are adjacent coast, both beach almost have similar character. But the Amed beach is still virgin and not a lot of tourists who come to here. Tulamben beach is very loved by the diver who want to dive here. Because here there is a sunken U.S. warships and not too deep. So that this beach is one of the exotic beaches in Bali.

11. Padang Bai
padang baiCoast port of Bali - Lombok namely Padang Bai, the beach is maintained cleanliness and beauty. For anglers and divers really like this beach. Because even if the port is adjacent to the port but marine biota still very well preserved. But be careful if you want to dive here, sometimes the current is very strong.

12. Candi Dasa Beach
candi dasaEast of Bali Island and two trips from Denpasar you will find a well-known tourist area of Candi Dasa, and the beauty of the coast is very intriguing. Many activities can be done at this beach, one of which is snorkeling and diving you can do her.

12. New beach other beaches, there is 3 beaches that still not famous as beaches that I have talked in here, but that new beach also beautiful and not crowded.

What do you think, Bali is beautiful is not it? Still a lot about the beauty of Bali, which I have not written. Why am I interested in writing about Bali? Because I want to have vacation there again someday. Lol .. do not forget and keep up your spirit Let's go around the world. :astig:


  1. well it is romantic place on the earth. i visited last year with my parents,. it was a wonderful experience going there. and stayed in villa ubud.

  2. Beach hotels in Bali are superior in providing luxurious services and even they are surrounded with natural beauty. Last year I had enjoyed my holidays their lot and hope that you will keep updating us with some extra information.

  3. @manfred. Thanks for visit. Yah.. I try to update it. Because I love Bali too.

  4. I think somebody was comment in here, sorry if I reject it.I should not reject it, I just get wrong click. Sorry..for my careless. Thanks for visit.


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