Amanjiwo Hotel & Resort

Having wandered around on the internet, I have ever heard about Amanjiwo resort. It's a resort that is most recommended by the bloggers and forumers in Indonesia. If I seen from the picture that have been taken by the travel lovers, this resort can be seen indeed unique, attractive, elegant and luxury coupled with exclusive service.

Viewed from the name "Amanjiwo", it is composed by two words of Javanese language that is "aman" which means safe and "Jiwo" which means soul. So "Amanjiwo" can have a sense of peace inhabitants or soul in peace.

Amanjiwo Resort is located at Borobudur, Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. The resort is located only 10 minutes drive from Borobudur temple in ways that are a bit steep.
Amanjiwo's resort design followed the design of the architecture of Borobudur Temple, which also have some sort of stupas on the roof and forms a circular building.

Scenery around the resort Amanjiwo or that we usually refer to as views, which guests were served a beautiful natural scenery Menoreh Hill. While in the west and flanked by Mount Cleft Sundoro. While in the east appeared the splendor of Mount Merbabu and Mount Merapi. Rooms with views of rice fields, ornamental ponds, swimming pools and most special namely to Deluxe Suites is a beautiful view of Borobudur and the valleys of the surrounding hills. But for those who want more personal atmosphere there as a suite called Dalem Jiwo, extensive personal space. Eight of these rooms have spectacular mountain Menoreh and plantation land views.

From the information that I get, if you stayed in Amanjiwo you will enjoy dinner with watching tradisioanal dance shows such Gatotkaca and Arjuna fight Giant Cakil Later in the morning and should not to be missed . You should wake up very early at 4:00 am, because this resort has a special way toward the temple of Borobudur to watch the sunrise at the top of Borobudur. After that, for those who want to take a walk, you can do trekking around the hill, down the green valley by bicycle, carriage ride to the Village Candirejo or ride an elephant when greeting people around.

And the more interesting of the information that I get about the luxury resorts, elite, elegant and a glimpse of this world is safe and without surveillance cameras. It was said that the local community are also participating about the resort security guard. And the funny slogan "safe with the Unseen", which became the security's motto of this inn as if proven. That is evidence that maintaining good relations with fellow human beings will produce safe and peaceful feelings.

Among the info from me regarding Amanjiwo resort, um .. one day I want to become one of the deluxe guest suites here. Wahahaha ... allow me dreaming? :woooh:Whatever your dream, still eager to Let's go around the world.
For complete information and reservations please visit the website directly ie, from that site you also can see other Aman resort groups. Hopefully if you stay here will not regret it though has spent a lot of money. Because all the people who already staying here say that they guarantee you will be satisfied and want to come and stay longer here. So you will pay worthy.

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