Tana Toraja

While so excited to make a post, I'll make many posts about Indonesia. This time my mind take flash to the beauty and uniqueness of Tana Toraja. Indonesian Heritage.

Tana Toraja is one of regencies in South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia, which is the pride of Sulawesi tourist area. Toraja tribe who inhabit the mountain areas and maintain a typical lifestyle and still show the lifestyle of the original Austronesian.
Here is a list of uniqueness in the Tana Toraja :
1. Londa
tana toraja cultural heritage
tana torajaLonda is the steep rocks on the side of a typical tomb in Tana Toraja. One was located on high ground from the hill with the cave in which the corpse crates arranged in accordance with the family line, the other one left open hillside overlooking the green scenery. Located approximately 5 km to the south of Rantepau.

2. Tau-tau
cultural heritage tana toraja IndonesiaTau-tau is a statue depicting the deceased. At the funeral of the nobility or the rulers/community leaders, one of the elements rapasan (complement traditional ceremonial events) is to produce tau-tau. Tau-tau is made of jackfruit wood is strong and when it logging done must done by custom. Eye of the tau-tau is made of buffalo bone and horn. In the days of yore, tau-tau does not exactly describe the chiseled visage of the late but lately craftsmen carving skills growing up to be able to create exactly the visage of the late.
3. To'Doyan
cultural heritage tana torajaTo'Doyan who is a large tree used as the tomb of a baby (baby who died and has not grown teeth). These trees are naturally gives the roots of which are regularly grown helter-forming cavities. This cavity sandwich man dead baby store.

** To'Doyan and Londa is one of the unique burial ground in the world.

4. Rambu Solo
ceremony cultural heritage tana torajaRambu Solo 'is a customary funeral, which requires the family that the deceased made a party as a sign of their last respects to the deceased who have gone
Solo is the highest Raamabu ceremony in Toraja. Normally the highest ceremonial performed twice with at least one year time span, the first ceremony is called Aluk Pia usually in the execution took place around Tongkonan families who grieve, while the second ceremony that the ceremony is usually held disebuah Rante special field for the ceremony who were the culmination of the funeral procession is usually encountered various rituals that must be lived, such as: Ma'tundan, Ma'balun (body wrap), Ma'roto (put ornaments of gold and silver thread on the coffin), Ma'Parokko Alang (lower body to be buried kelumbung) and the last Ma'Palao (ie, carrying the body of the last resting place).


house cultural heritage tana torajacultural heritage tana torajaTongkonan is building custom homes in Tana Toraja. The roof is made of split bamboo and are prepared overlap, but now many are using zinc. Tongkonan also has appropriate degrees of nobility strata strata of society such as gold, bronze, iron and brass.

Still many interesting things in Tana Toraja like as Ke’te Kesu, Batu Tumonga, Lemo and many unique dances. Enjoy your travel time, lets go around the world.
Here is the map of Tana Toraja :

View Tana Toraja in a larger map

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