Soto (Indonesian's curry soup)

Another Indonesian culinary tastes are certainly familiar ears to the traveler in Indonesia. Get ready for it, do not blame me when you get hungry and drooling. Well, Soto is kind of curry soup which came from Indonesia as an Indonesian I do not know exactly how many of these types of Soto in Indonesia. Because each region in Indonesia has the characteristic of its own Soto. I took this title because I recommend to you to try the Soto if you come to Indonesia.

Namely xctravel.blogspot.comcommon Soto in Indonesia is:
1. Soto Ayam (Chicken Soto)
2. Soto Sapi (Beef Soto)
3. Soto Kambing (Lamb Soto)
But of the three kinds of soto on top, will produce a variety and taste a variety of all, as I said above that every region in Indonesia has Soto with different taste. The following are some of Soto's what I found from internet and some I have tried to taste it, while others are still hunting process.

1. Soto Sulung
Soto is a beef Soto. Soto Sulung originates from Madura (East Java, Indonesia), but you can find Soto Sulung in any area in Indonesia.

2. Soto Kudus
As the name, Sotxctravel.blogspot.como Kudus comes from Kudus (Central Java, Indonesia). This Soto is usually served in small bowl portion, although it was nice taste but I always hated with a very little portion. As I know Soto Kudus is a chicken Soto.

3. Soto Betawi
As the name implies soto Betawi is derived from Batavia or Jakarta, Indonesia. Soto Betawi generally use coconut cream sauce and a beef.

4. Soto Lamongan
Well Lamongan is one of regencies in East Java, Indonesia. Soto Lamongan as I know is a chicken soto.

5. Soto Padang
xctravel.blogspot.comPadang is the provincial capital of West Sumatra, Indonesia. Soto Padang that I know is a beef Soto.

6. Soto Medan
xctravel.blogspot.comMedan is the capital of North Sumatra, Indonesia. Medan has also own Soto. Soto Medan which I know is chicken Soto.

7. Soto Banjar
Banjar here is txctravel.blogspot.comhe provincial capital of Banjarmasin in South Kalimantan, Indonesia. Soto Banjar is chicken soto. Soto Banjar usually served with chicken wings.

8. Coto Makassar
xctravel.blogspot.comI think Coto Makassar is also a type of soto, Coto Makassar is beef soup that usually taste very spicy. Makassar is the provincial capital of South Sulawesi, Indonesia.

9. Soto Bogor
xctravel.blogspot.comBogor is one of the districts in West Java, Indonesia. Soto Bogor is beef soto that use the beef brisket.

I'm sure that Soto in Indonesia more than kind of Soto that I mentioned above. As I know of the kinds of Soto, often equipped with rice or a ketupat(rice wrape with young coconut leaves and shaped like diamond), cracker,noodle,angle hair noodle, tofu, potato cakes, celery,etc .

Ehm..soto is a delicious, and hope you like it. Let's get a fun and let's go around the world.

I found some video on youtube about how to make Soto, enjoy it maybe you want to make it by your self. Let's go around the world.

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