Lakes and reservoirs in Indonesia

There is hundreds lakes (danau) and reservoirs (waduk) Indonesia. I'll try to write some of them. lega

In the Province of Aceh :
1. Danau Ancueloot
2. Danau Laut Realoih (See Lake Realoih)
3. Danau Laut Tawar

In the Province of Bali :
1. Danau Batu (Stone Lake)
2. Danau Bratan
3. Danau Buyan
4. Danau Tamblingan
In the Province of Banten :
1. Danau Setu Perigi
2. Danau Situ Gintung

In the Province of Bengkulu:
1. Danau Dendam Tak Sudah (Lake Revenge Not Already)
2. Danau Emas (Gold Lake)
3. Danau Tes (Test Lake)

In the Province of Gorontalo :
1. Danau Limboto

In the Province of Jambi :
1. Danau Dipacampat
2. Danau Sipin

In the Province of West Java :
1. Danau Kawah Putih
2. Danau Situ Bagendit
3. Danau Situ Cileunca
4. Danau Situ Gede, Bogor
5. Danau Situ Langkung
6. Danau Situ Lengkong
7. Danau Situ Lembang
8. Danau Pangkalan
9. Danau Rawa Dano
10. Danau Sipanunjang
11. Danau Wanayasa
12. Danau Telaga Patenggang
13. Danau Waduk Cirata
14. Danau Waduk Darma
15. Danau Waduk Jatiluhur
16. Danau Waduk Saguling

In the Province of Central Java:
1. Danau Telaga Warna (Wonosobo)
2. Danau Telaga Cermin (almost gone because the wild grass have covered the survace)
3. Danau Rawa Pening
4. Danau Telaga Menjer
5. Danau telaga Merdada terdapat telaga Dringo dan telaga Nila(Wonosobo)
6. Danau Waduk Botok
7. Danau Waduk Brambangan
8. Danau Waduk Cacaban
9. Danau Waduk Cengklik
10. Danau Waduk Gajah Mungkur
11. Danau Waduk Kembangan
12. Danau Waduk Malahayu
13. Danau Waduk Sempor
14. Danau Waduk Wadas Lintang

In the Province of East Java:
1. Danau Kawah Ijen (Ijen Crater)
2. Danau Kawah Kelud
3. Danau Pacai
4. Danau Rawa Kelinding
5. Danau Telaga Sarangan
6. Danau Waduk Gonclang
7. Danau Waduk Karangkates
8. Danau Waduk Klampis
9. Danau Waduk Lahor
10. Danau Waduk Ngebel
11. Danau Waduk Selarego
12. Danau Waduk Widas

In the Province of Central Kalimantan (central Borneo) :
1. Danau Bambenan
2. Danau Cemburu
3. Danau Danting
4. Danau Gatel
5. Danau Kenamfui
6. Danau Limut
7. Danau Matur
8. Danau Mepara
9. Danau Raya
10. Danau Sembuluh
11. Danau Terusan
12. Danau Tete

In the Province of West Kalimantan :
1. Danau Bekuan
2. Danau Belida
3. Danau Genali
4. Danau Sentarum
5. Danau Tang

In the Province of East Kalimantan :
1. Danau Kakaban
2. Danau Jempang
3. Danau Melintang
4. Danau Semayang

In the Province of South Kalimantan :
1. Danau Bangkau
2. Danau Bitin
3. Danau Waduk Riam Kanan

In the border Province of Lampung and South Sumatra :
1. Danau Jepara
2. Danau waduk Way Rarem
3. Danau Ranau

In the Province of West Nusa Tenggara:
1. Danau Batu Jai
2. Danau Satonda
3. Danau Tambara
4. Danau Segara Anak

In the Province of East Nusa Tenggara:
1. Danau Tuadale
2. Danau Kelimutu (Three Colors Lake)

In the Province of Papua:
1. Danau Anggi Giji
2. Danau Anggi Gita
3. Danau Biru
4. Danau Paninai
5. Danau Rombedai
6. Danau Sentani
7. Danau Tage
8. Danau Ti Bi
9. Danau Tonjidat
10. Danau Yamur
11. Danau Yawasi

In the Province of South Sulawesi:
1. Danau Matana
2. Danau Matano
3. Danau Mahalona
4. Danau Sidenreng
5. Danau Tempe
6. Danau Towuti

In the Province of Central Sulawesi:
1. Danau Lindu
2. Danau Poso

In the Province of Southeast Sulawesi:
1. Danau Napabale

In the Province of North Sulawesi:
1. Danau Linouw
2. Danau Limboto
3. Danau Moat
4. Danau Tondano

In the Province of West Sumatra:
1. Danau Diatas
2. Danau Dibawah
3. Danau Kerinci
4. Danau Maninjau
5. Danau Singkarak

In the Province of North Sumatera:
1. Danau Aek Natonang
2. Danau Sidhoni
3. Danau Toba

In the Province of South Sumatera:
1. Danau Air Hitam (Black Water Lake)
2. Danau Jembawan
3. Danau Lubuk Deling
4. Danau Teloko

Maybe still many lakes and reservoirs that I haven't found. Sorry...praising

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