Karimun Jawa (Karimun Java)

Karimun Jawa (Karimun Java)I want to write about other countries, but I feel haven't enough write about my own country, Indonesia. For me

Indonesia like a never-ending story for lovers of pleasure traveler. For me Indonesia is unique and beautiful like a paradise whether by land or water, but still many place are not yet well known in foreign countries. The most famous tourism in Indonesia absolutely is Bali Island, many people even familiar with Bali than Indonesia. If they know, there is still millions of tourist attractions like the other paradise and like still a Karimun Jawa (Karimun Java)virgin place, not famous just like Bali. And unfortunately, the facilities are far different than Bali that is why they are not known very well as Bali, I hope Indonesia will concern about this because facilities very important for tourism even for backpackers lover. For this time I want to introduce some exotic island of Karimun Java.Indonesian.

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Karimun Java placed in the Java Sea or the northwest of Java island, which is part of Jepara regency. Before I post this article, I try to find the best recommendation story from the largest Indonesian Community(Kaskus).

Here is the short explanation about Karimun Java :
Karimun Jawa (Karimun Java)Karimun Java is a beautiful islands, with white sand and clear blue sea. We'll snorkel and swim much as you like on the islands who were there, or want to try to swim with sharks Karimun Jawa (Karimun Java). You can staying at comfortable hotels located near the coast rather or staying in residential population (maximum 2 pax roommate exclusive). ( don't ask about 5* hotels because it haven't build there ).
Is it interesting? Well .. everyone was ever go there said that they never regret having come to Karimun Java and they highly recommend to all lovers of tourism to come to this island.
Karimun Jawa (Karimun Java) I really want to go there, maybe someday if I have enough money. Why? Because for those who've come there said that travel chKarimun Jawa (Karimun Java)arges pertained to Karimun Java expensive when using a fast boat but if you want a little cheap and impatient, you can choose to use the ferry ship which takes about 6 hours, it will save costs for 3 days during at the Karimun Java. Karimun Jawa (Karimun Java)

Enjoy your travel time, lets go around the world.
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