Eat, Pray, Love in Ubud Bali

Eat, Pray, Love in Ubud Balixctravel.blogspot.comActually I already do not need to promote about Bali, because Bali has been very famous in the world and even many people know Bali better than Indonesia. Though Bali is one of the provinces in Indonesia. And I never deny that Bali is beautiful island and feels more beautiful also have good facility.

I am interested to write about Bali because I was curious with the movie Eat, Pray and Love, starring Julia Robbert lifted from a novel by Elizabeth Gilbert with the same title.
Bali is indeed a paradise, you want to find what kind of entertainment Bali. give it. But when I read a footage of novel by Elizabeth Gilbert, I saw that Elizabeth actually find rest in areas away from the hustle and bustle of tourist attractions in Bali, the place is Ubud.
After Ubud be the place for shooting of movie that starring by Julia Roberts, Ubud became more famous, long ago I know about Ubud is because of its land field and it is a village tourism. And Ubud placed in Gianyar regency, Bali, Indonesia that has been awarded as the best city of Asia-based tourism, a magazine reader survey based in USA, Conde Nast Traveller, the beginning of January last. The area was judged the best of the hospitality community, the atmosphere or the atmosphere, culture, or its site, as well as accommodation, restaurants, and places berbelanjanya.
Ubud is different from most tourist area in Bali. In Ubud, guests who come to drink often entertained with traditional music of Bali, low pitched music or in Ubud senyap.Selain's activities are limited to 22:30 o'clock. By midnight it was not a single shop, shops, restaurants, cafes, and others who are still opening the outlets. Roads around Ubud became deserted. Ubud like going back into "villages" are far from the hustle and bustle of tourist activity.
But it was the calm atmosphere plus the lives of the people who still hold fast to traditions become an attraction for those who underwent a spiritual attitude. The atmosphere is considered to support the positive vibrations that come from nature.
According to the spiritualist Gede Prama, millions of people from around the world come to Ubud since 1930 because of Ubud offers more than just scenery. Ubud has a term or terms of spiritual teachings that are hidden in nature. If these terms are opened, people will be able to "read" or absorb the spiritual aura of this. Ubud name itself comes from the word "ubad", the language of Bali, which means the drug.
Is it true that Ubud has a charm as I wrote above? To proof that story, you may come to Ubud, Bali and see for yourself. Do not forget about word travel lover, let's go around the

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