Bukit Bintang Yogyakarta

Bukit BintangBukit Bintang is one of exotic place in Yogyakarta, located along the edge of the Jogja-Wonosari road, precisely in the hills of Patuk.

In English, Bukit Bintang can be translate as Hills of the Star. Why this place named Bukit Bintang?
Because from this place we can see the night sky that seemed to be blend with Jogja city at night.

In Bukit Bintang you not only see the night sky but also can have your dinner with very cheap prize on many small restaurant along the edge of the hills. The meal and the drink prizes are less than 1$.

Come to Jogja and don't forget to visit Bukit Bintang, though you may not travel so smoothly because Wonosari a winding road. But I am sure you will not regret it after arriving in this place. You will feel the view from a skyscraper with a more exotis atmosphere.
Prove yourself this experience. Fun and cheap with thousands experience come and visit Jogja 2010.

Enjoy your traveling.

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macapat:ha?:What macapat is?Macapat is the classic traditional song from Java. Macapat also be found in the Balinese, Madurese, and Sundanese culture. If we look at kerata basa(the original Javanese language ), macapat have mean read four-four(read the four-four). How to read a woven every four syllables. Estimated macapat appear at the end of Majapahit Kingdom in Java and the beginning of Walisanga influence (Walisanga= 9 Moslem guardian). But that estimate is uncertain, because there is no written evidence to be sure. Macapat widely used in some Middle Javanese Literature and new Javanese Literature. When compared with Kakawin(Kakawin is a form of poetry in the ancient Javanese language with metrum originating from India.), the rules in macapat is easier. The books of the New Mataram era, such as Serat Wedhatama, Serat Wulangreh, Serat Wirid Hidayat Jati, Serat Kalatidha, and others arranged this song. The rules are there to:

* Guru gatra : the number gatra / lines per stanza.
* Guru wilangan : the syllables / syllables each gatra / line.
* Guru lagu : fall-out sound of each syllable gatra / line.

Basically, there are several kinds of macapat, generally divided into three types, namely:
1. Sekar Macapat or Sekar Alit
This macapat songs, also called the original of macapat, which is widely used in various kinds of purposes. The sequence of Javanese song is similar to the way human life from beginning life to the end or from baby until death. The sequence below:

* Maskumambang
Describing the baby still in his mother's womb, of unknown gender, kumambang means floated in mothers womb.
* Mijil
Means have been born and clearly male or female.
* Sinom
Means youth, the most important for the youth is to seek knowledge as much as possible.
* Kinanthi
From the word kanthi or guided, which means guided in order to live a life in the world.
* Asmarandana
Means love, the love of men to women or vice versa which is a divine by destiny.
* Gambuh
From the identical word / union which means if it is united in love, women and men can live together.
* Dhandhanggula
Describes human life in happiness when they won ambition. Find soul mate, gave birth to a child, a prosperous life, and etc.
* Durma
From the word darma/alms. Human when feel life in prosperous it will growing affection for others who are living in poverty so it will grow a desire to share and give. That also was supported by religious, morality and the social nature of human.
* Pangkur
Mungkur word which meant getting rid of egoistic. The priority of life is desire to share and care with others.
* Megatruh
Megat word have meant separation of soul and body ( pegat Roh) or the separation of life, when the fate of death comes.
* Pocung
When the remaining live bodies, wrapped in white cloth before

Some macapat as the Song often used at the time of Majapahit Empire, for example:
* Jurudemung
* Wirangrong
* Balabak

2. Sekar Ageng
There is only one macapat of Sekar Ageng(large/big) , namely Girisa. When viewed from the level of difficulty, Sekar Ageng almost similar with Kakawin on ancient time.

Here is example for macapat with Javanese gamelan: Megatruh - Sinom Parijata - Nyutro

And a video in the below is Asmaradana in gamelan music which played by western:

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Roemahkoe Boutique Hotel


For those who have plan or like to come to Solo for enjoy something of yore will be more complete if you stay at a place of a yore too. I'm recomended you to stay at RoemahKoe boutique hotel on Jl. Dr Sudirman 501, Laweyan, Solo, Central Java 57,148, see in the next picture.
Or see the website for more information (http://roemahkoe.info)

umahkoe founded in 1938 with Art Deco style, and Roemahkoearchitectural style inspired by traditional Javanese architecture. However, if you are inside you will feel like being in the colonial era long ago. For the women you might feel like noni-noni ancient Netherlands. And my other impression that I wanted to make movies here, I am not a director but I want make as director here.
Rooms are offered by Roemahkoe in 3 types there are:
There is 3 Room in Roemahkoe, here is it :

Low Season
High Season
Rp. 430.000,-
Rp. 530.000,-
(10 rooms)
Junior Suite
Rp. 490.000,-
Rp. 590.000,-
(1 room)
Royal Suite
Rp. 740.000,-
Rp. 840.000,-
(2 rooms)

* All rates are subject to 21% government tax and service charge. It can change at any time

The difference of the room is : 1st the price room is different hahaha ... (You can see it), then the size of the room. Room Royal Suite is the greatest (there are living room, high bed with net), the second Junior Suite (1 couch,low bed without net) and the last Deluxe (the most narrow rooms and low bed).

And you should know about the guest boys said that the items within the there(tables, chairs, cupboard, bed, furniture, etc.) are still relic (heritage the building). So, this boutique hotel was renovated for example when I was browsing i dont fount that on the side yard of Roemahkoeno fish ponds now there are existing fish ponds to be added in the 2 side.. Romahkoe also provide additional facilities for example if you like prophecy foretell the future of there is horoscope with Java-style called Primbon,this horoscope use Java birth callender to read the personal(Javanese Weton ), hehehe ...

For the info please visit the Roemahkoe's website http://www.roemahkoe.com.

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JeJamuran (Mushroom cuisine restaurant)

jejamuranHealthy food and taste good

For those who feel loved to eat meat chicken and beef, but worry about cholesterol levels there has an alternative food, it tastes like meat that is "mushroom". Mushrooms can be cooked in various styles, and each type of mushroom will produce different flavors. A restaurant in Yogyakarta with the name "Je Jamuran" place in Niron, Pandowoharjo, Sleman, Yogyakarta, dish up mushroom cuisine from various types of mushrooms and various preparations with a relatively affordable price of about Rp. 5000 - Rp.20,0Jejamuran00.

The menu include sate, omlet, tongseng (normaly its like currie with lamb), various Pepes, gudeg, soup and mushrooms rendang with mushroom types is shitake mushrooms, rice straw mushroom (Volvariella volvacea), Champignon and Pleurotus ostreatus(have a shape like oyster).

In jeJamuran other guests can eat a variety of menus also can see the mushroom cultivation because the owner jeJamuran also cultivated mushrooms.

Before we go to jejamuranmushroom cultivation place, we'll see a small hut with a different collection of cultivated mushrooms in that place, where small huts are located next to the restaurant a bit behind, but we also can see it from the front. From the hut we already know that each type of mushroom will have their own treatment in terms of cultivation.Some were planted by hanging and some were planted in pots or plastic.Planting media using sawdust from different kinds of wood.

My impression when visiting and tasting menus at jeJamuran (like soup, Pepes, tongseng, sate, and chips(fried mushrooms with flour), because I did not bring a camera so I'm sorry if the picture is downloading. My impression is that I want to re-eat the menu that we are ordered and tried other-menu. Jogja is unique and best ... cheap, convenient and creative.
Enjoy the travelling and dont forget about Healty.


The Plot Of Ballet Ramayana Full Story

Balet_Ramayana traditional ballet dancing performanceHere is the story about Romeo & Juliet in Javanesse version that is Ramayana Ballet, the story is not realy same with the story of Romeo & Juliet which is a sad ending because the two lovers are dead, but the Ramayana was a happy ending. But the point Ramayana Ballet is also a romantic love story like Romeo & Juliet.
I wrote this as a discourse for who had not seen the show or who want to see the sow of Ramayana Ballet, because before the performence begining, usually visitors not had time to read the script the story. So many touris didn't understand about the plot then I have an idea to write it in English also in Indonesian language. To read in Indonesia language/Bahasa Indonesia klik here!

Prabu Janaka, the King of Mantili Kingdom has a very beautiful princess named Dewi Shinta. Prabu Janaka held a competition to determined the candidate's husband of Dewi Shinta. At least the competition was won by Crown of Ayodya Kingdom named Raden Rama Wijaya.
King Rahwana a king of Alengkadiraja Kingdom is eager to marry Dewi Widiowati. After seeing Dewi Shinta, King Rahwana assumed that Dewi Shinta is the incarnation of Dewi Widiowati whom he is wanting for a long time.

Rahwana at Alengka's kingdom hall held a greet meeting that attended by Kumbokarno, Indrajid, Governor Prahasta and peoples. They are waiting the command of Rahwana the King of Alengka Kingdom. However sudenly Sarpakenaka the younger sister of Rahwana come and cry.She was crying for help because of tricked by Dandaka knight in the forest, and she reports that the beautiful woman with the knight. Hearing the report, Ravana was furious, he called Kalamarica to go with him to kill the knight and find the woman

Rama Wijaya, the prince of Ayodya Kingdom along with his wife Shinta accompanied by his younger brother Leksmana in the odyssey to the jungle Dandaka. When Rahwana saw Shinta arising intention to have, then he order his followers named Marica to change him self as a golden deer called Kijang Kencana to tease Shinta. Seeing the beauty deer, Shinta asks Rama to catch it, trying to catch the deer, Rama left Shinta with Leksmana.
Shinta was worried because Rama had not returned for a long time. Shinta told to Leksmana to looking for Rama. Before leaving Shinta, Leksmana circled her with a magic circle to keep the Shinta safety. Rahwana who already know Shinta was left alone trying to kidnap her, but it failed because of the magical circle made by Leksmana. But Rahwana find a way to transform himself into an old Brahmin (Brahmana). When Shinta approached to give alms and been out from the circle, then Rahwana draw Shinta and taken to Alengka.

In the pursuit of deer, finally it can be shot with arrows by Rama. Apparently the deer turn into giants, so there Kalamarica war with Rama. Marica finally shoted with arrows by Rama. Leksmana followed Rama, bring back him to see Shinta.

Rahwana took Shinta trip to Alengka is hampered by a bird named Jatayu Garuda. Jatayu want to help Shinta because he is recognized that Shinta is a daughter of his close friend named King Janaka, but in the fight Jatayu can be defeat by Rahwana.
Because of Rama and Leksmana not see Shinta at the place, then they looking for Shinta, on the way they met Jatayu(severely wounded). Rama thinks that Jatayu is Shinta kidnapper. Jatayu will be killed by Rama, but can be prevented by Leksmana. After Jatayu tells the true story then Jatayu dies.
In them grief (Rama and Leksmana), there came a white monkey named Hanuman who was sent by his uncle Sugriwa to looking for two knight who can defeat Subali. Subali was seized Dewi Tara that Sugriwa lover. With hard persuasion by Sugriwa, Rama finally decided to help Sugriwa to defeat Subali.

When Subali, Dewi Tara and his son was chatting
was surprised by Sugriwa challenge then a fight ensued. Thanks to the help of Rama, Sugriva can defeat Subali, then Sugriwa meet again with the Dewi Tara. Because of Rama kindness, Sugriwa willing to help to find Dewi Shinta. Hanuman was sent to find and investigate Alengka Kingdom.

In the kingdom of Alengka, Trijata is the nephew Rahwana is comforting Shinta. Suddenly Rahwana came and persuade Shinta to be his wife. But persuasion of Rahwana was rejected by Shinta, so that Rahwana angry and intend to kill her, but Trijata successfully prevented. Trijata ask Rahwana tobe patient and promised to keep Dewi Shinta. In the Shinta sadness, she surprised by a beautifull song that sing by the white monkey Hanuman. After Shinta know about Hanuman, then Hanuman immediately facing and come across as a messenger of Rama's
When finished facing Shinta, Hanuman immediately wanted to know the kingdom of Alengka. Then he decided to spoil the beauty of Alengka park. But Indrajid (Rahwana's son) can find Hanuman and then he captured him, then brought to Rahwana. Rahwana so anger and want to kill Hanuman, but prevented by Kumbokarno (the younger brother of Rahwana). Thinking that Kumbokarno was opposed, then Rahwana drove him. Hanuman finally sentenced to be burned alive, but Hanuman was immune to fire. So with the fire Hanuman burn Alengka Kingdom, then he turned back to Rama.

Having sent Hanuman, Rama Wijaya and monkeys go to dam up the ocean as a way to Alengka. When Hanuman came, the dam has completed and he report about the situation and army forces of Alengka. Received Hanuman reports, Rama Wijaya be happy. Then Rama sent Hanuman, Anggodo, Anila and Jembawana to lead the soldiers to attack Alengka.

The army was on guard to the edge boundaries of the kingdom. Suddenly the soldiers attacked the monkey, then a very busy of war happened. In the war Indrajid killed by Leksmana. And Kumbokarno facing Rahwana, and he was killed in the war. After Kumbokarno died, finally Rahwana facing Rama. In this battle, Ravana was killed by Rama's heirloom arrow and crushed by Sumawan Mount that brought by Hanuman.

After Rahwana's death, accompanied by Hanuman, Shinta can facing Rama. But Rama refused her because he considered that Shinta has been tarnished during his stay in Alengka. Then Rama asked for evidence to prove her Shinta's chastity, he asked Shinta to voluntarily burn herself. Because the Shinta's truth and with help of the god of fire , Shinta survived from the fire. Having proved her chastity, Rama Shinta received back with feelings of sadness and happiness.

------------------------The End------------------------

And here is my opinion about Rama-Shinta's story
When I try to understand the way of this story, of course I found lots of bad values and also good values, the following example:
1. Shinta is a beautiful woman, conciderate, and loyal.
2. Bird Jatayu is a good figure, willing to sacrifice his lives for the child of friend.
3. Hanuman though wild, but he's strong (able to lift mount). Rama and Leksmana also great, they are has only arrows to fightbut can beat all.
4. Trijata also a good figure, although she was the niece of Rahwana, but she still tried to protect Shinta, as a woman she also protects the dignity of women.

1. Shinta was careless, Rama also, Leksmana also ... (because of the careless then Ramayana stories is happend).
2. Sugriva why must kill his brother, although in love till the death but if she was married to his brother and saw his brother can make happy the idol's heart, so let them lived happily (revenge is not good).
3. Rama not believe with Shinta's loyalty, he trust after Shinta volunteered to burn herself alive(if today's fuih...), luckily Shinta is saved from the fire. But if she dies what will be done by Rama? So hard and tired of making the dam and attack of Alengka are just for Shinta. He should accept Shinta as she is.
4. Because of Rahwana's greed who want to take another man's wife then the entire royal family was killed.

That's my assessment of Ramayana story.
See also about the stage Ramayana Ballet here !
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Archeological sangiranAre you an archeoligist or do you like and interest about archeology?

There is an archeological museum in Java, Indonesia that call Sangiran. This area has an area of 48 km ² and is located in Central Java, 15 kilometers north of Surakarta in Solo River valley (Sungai Bengawan Solo) and is situated at the foot of Mount Lawu. Sangiran administratively located in Sragen regency and district of Karanganyar in Central Java. In 1977, Sangiran determined by the Minister of Education and Culture of Indonesia as a cultural reserve. In 1996 this site is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site (cultural World Heritage number 593 by UNESCO on December 5, 1996 in Merida, Mexico.). Archeological sangiran museum

In 1934 anthropoArcheological sangiran museum inside human ancientlogist Gustav Heinrich Ralph von Koenigswald began research in the area. In the following years, the results of excavations of fossils from the first human ancestor, Pithecanthropus erectus ( "Java Man"). There are about 60 more fossils of other Meganthropus palaeojavanicus fossils have been found on these sites.

Sangiran in the museum located in this region are also presented ancient human history since about 2 million years ago until 200,000 years ago, that is from when the late Pliocene to late middle Pleistocene. In this museum there is a collection of 13,086 ancient human fossils and the ancient human site stood the most comprehensive in Asia. It can also be found in vertebrate fossils, animal fossils water, rocks, sea plants and fossil stone tools.

In the first study, Sangiran is a dome called Sangiran Dome. Top of the dome is then opened through a process of erosion to form a depression. At that depression can be found in soil layers that contain information about life in the past.ancient human archeology at sangiran museum

The ancient archeological site of Sangiran still keeps a hidden mystery to reveal. Up to now, there have been fifty kinds of hominid fossils discovered in Sangiran. It is 65 percent of the discoveries of hominid fossils in Indonesia or 50 percent of discoveries in the world. The total numbers of fossils discovered in Sangiran are approximately 13,809 pieces which 2,934 of them are presented in the display room and the rest 10,975 pieces are kept in the storage room. The other hominid fossils of Sangiran are kept in Bandung Geology Museum and Yogyakarta Paleoanthropology Laboratory. Based on the fossils discoveries, Sangiran Site becomes the most important prehistoric human civilization site. It is the right place to study human evolution. The site is also the most comprehensive one in the world.

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Dariza Lake Resort-Garut-Indonesia

Dariza Lake

Danau Dariza (Danau = Lake) is a name of one of the resorts area in the Garut Cipanas-Indonesia. Dariza Lake is an artificial lake that makes the resort very interesting. Dariza Lake Resort offers lodging with the form of cottage-concept with traditional houses in Indonesia, including Padang (Gadang House), Sundanese (Kesepuhan House), Batak (Toba House),Nusa Tenggaranesse (Sao Ato sa Lakitana House) and (Bali that being finalized). Sao Ato Mosa Lakitana House is the suite of Dariza Lake Resort

Dariza LakeDariza-Lake
Sao Ato
When I look at the composition of these cottages reminds me of a European city in which I wanted to visit that is Venetian which houses huddle and looked like standingDariza_Lake on the water. And one more thing that makes Lake Dariza resorts has a nuance like the Venetian that is the cano. Well .. In the Venetian if we want to go to some place or go around the city we use gondolas but on the lake Dariza we use cano.

Facilities offered at Lake Dariza did not stay away from water activities like fishing activities, swimming pools with water boom, jacuzzi, water bycycle, cano,but there is also land activies like jogging track and playground. Dariza like resort also provides meeting vasilities. The name of meeting vaslities is Malige House. Malige House is a castle from Southest Sulawesi which consist of three floors.

There is also another fasilities offered by Dariza Lake Resort that is Island cafe. Island Cafe is a restaurant surrounded by water and provides a Dariza_Lakedining table for indoor and outdoor. The food served at the Island Cafe is a good variety there is from Indonesian cuisine also from Western cuisine and all available throughout the day.

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Rumah Turi


One of the unique hotels that is Rumah Turi (Rumah= house). Rumah Turi is a boutique hotel that located in Solo, exactly at 2nd Gading Sari st No.12 Turisari, Solo, Central Java (Jl.Gading Sari 2 No.12 Turisari, Solo, Central Java, Indonesia). If we look at the design concept of Rumah House, it is featured fresh natural ambience. The setting was also very artistic. The employees said that Turi house is designed by the owner,the owner is an architect which he designs is used in foreign countries(design architect used outside the country). So it was not strange that the architectural style of Turi's house is a little different from other style of most hotels, in my mind the concept of this house is a house that has a Japanese arch
itectural style and features a fresh atmosphere and natural like go green style.(I like this!).
Rumah Turi facilities include artificial rain (When I come here I'm so glad were treated with artificial rain ). And the rain was not made immediately poured out, but there also have function. Concept Rumah Turi's is go green, so this artificial rain also has the function to watering the plants on there. Figure in addition to the existing artificial rain in Turi house.When viewed from below would look really like rain. So cool....make me play in the rain..
Rumah Turi facility is:
* Restaurant with open terrace (the restaurant has an open deck areas)
* 18 Spacious rooms: 18 rooms
* Open space for performances
* Meditation corner
* SPA Treatment
18 rooms provided Rumah Turi consists of 3 types, each name type it is the names of plants grown in Rumah Turi yard, namely: Sereh Rooms/ Lemongrass Rooms(8 rooms), Wuni Rooms (8 rooms) and Kemuning Rooms (2 rooms) . Kemuning roomn are the suites room at this hotel, when I asked price for stay per a night at Kemuning Room is $ 130 USD was approximately 1.300.000 IDR. We apologize for the price of the dollar up and down, because it is mostly interested Turi's house was a foreigner. Wuni Room for stay per a night is $ 100 approximately USD 1,000,000 and Lemongrass Room $ 80 of about IDR 800,000 (for easy to count, so we take the exchange rate $ 1 USD = 10,000 IDR).
Wuni RoomKemuning Room
Wuni Room and Kemuning Room have small bamboo garden in the outside that sparated with the room by glass window. The glass window can be opened by sliding so we can go to bamboo garden. Lemongrass Room is a room that does not have a bamboo garden.
Kemuning room also has additional facilities like extra bed that can be used for rest or read a book / newspaper in the afternoon. for more details, please visit the on wesitenya http://www.rumahturi.com.
Happy Traveling ...
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Gudeg is a very popular food in the city of Yogyakarta, Indeonesia (Jogja), Jogja town Gudeg, because so many restaurant that sell gudeg in Yogyakarta, ancient common gudeg eaten at breakfast, so far you will easily find people who sell gudeg at the roadside in the city of Yogyakarta. but now gudeg be eaten at any time from morning to morning again, so it's no wonder when you'll meet people who sell gudeg at midnight and suprisingly it sell very quickly.

Gudeg is vegetable dishes that have an image of a sweet taste, if you do not like the sweet taste u won't like gudeg. But as far as I know at first time when people taste gudeg, most of them did not like gudeg because it tastes too sweet, but for long they were like gudeg and as addictive if come to Yogyakarta won't be complete if not eaten gudeg.

Gudeg is a vegetable dishes that made from jackfruit. This food is a long cooking so have smooth texture, sweet taste of gudeg is obtained by Javanese sugar therefore sweet is the dominant flavor of gudeg. Ordinary Gudeg served with the sambal krecek. Sambal krecek is made of cow leather mixed with tempe or tofu. Then the other dishes is Pindang egg,tofu/ tempe bacem and chicken bacem.

Bacem also an image of traditional food with sweet taste because it's main ingredient is Javanesse sugar and other spices. So that gives another sense of gudeg actually is sambal krecek because it is the one of spicy food.

The famous gudeg restaurant is Gudeg Yu Jum at Wijilan. Wijilan is the eastern of Yogyakarta Palace. At Wijilan you will foud many gudeg restaurant but the famous is Gudeg Yu Jum.

Prambanan Temple

PrambananPrambanan is the lagest , the tallest and the most beautiful Hindu's temple in the world. (Prambanan Temple Compounds World Heritage List Number 642)

Prambanan located at Jl. Raya Yogya-Solo Km.16 Prambanan, Yogyakarta,Indonesia. For more complete information visit the website here (http://www.borobudurpark.co.id/en-prambanan.html).

Prambanan, named after the village, is the biggest temple complex in Java. There are 224 temples in the complex; three towering temples on the central terrace dominate the complex. Those are Brahma Temple in the North, Visnu Temple in the South and the biggest among the three which lies between Brahma and Visnu is Siwa(Shiva) Temple which soars up to 47 meters high.

These three ancient masterpieces of Hindu architecture are locally referred to as Prambanan Temple or Rorojonggrang Temple. One of its appeals is the wealth of sculptural detail which is the most famous is on the inner wall of the balustrade, the wonderful Ramayana Epic. Image bellow is a Prambanan temple area.
prambanan complexPrambanan area is the most viewed by the touris because it is the neares and the most infront temple also the biggest temple so that Prambanan is the most prominent. Actualy there is still another temple in the prambanan complex area. But they are not big as Prambanan temple but also beautiful and interesting. The name of another temple is Lumbung Temple, Bubrah Temple and Sewu Temple. "Lumbung" is a Javanesse language that have meaning "barn" (a place to store grain), "Bubrah" also Javanesse language that have meaning "broken"( I don't know why its mean like this but the shape of this temple is realy broken but still beautiful) and "Sewu" also Javanesse language that have meaning "one thousand" (1000).
Next image Prambananis the map of Prambanan complex area with Lumbung temple, Bubrah temple and Sewu temple.
After we take a walk at the Prambanan area if we are to tired to visit the next temple we can rent a mini train to deliver us to take around the next temple. But I suggest you to go on foot, because it is more interesting than you go by train. I ever tray to take around by train also by walk but I feel more satisfied to go on foot. Because if we go on foot we can browse the temple as we want. I know it is make us tired but go on foot is very satisfied and very interesting. Walk is cheap exercise and make us healty. Isn't it?

Here is in the bellow is a picture of the another temple in Prambanan area:
1. Bubrah Temple (source : www.borobudur.tv)
Prambanan-candi bubrah

2. Lumbung Temple(source: www.world-travel-photos.com)
Prambanan-candi lumbung

3.Sewu Temple (source :spensaholic.blogspot.com)
Prambanan-candi sewu

Enjoy traveling... See also Ramayana Ballet

View Prambanan Temple in a larger map

Ballet Ramayana

Balet_Ramayana traditional ballet dancingRamayana Ballet (Sendratari Ramayana) is a classic story that tells of a romantic love story of Dewi Shinta and Rama are presented in traditional dance like a ballet dance in general. Indonesian Ramayana Ballet performances can be seen in the Prambanan Temple, Yogyakarta. The stage is not actually in the temple area but in the west of the temple with the background is the Prambanan temple (for open air theater / out door while the dry season) or in Trimukti theater (in door or closed) with artificial temple background.

Ramayana Ballet performances held at night, with a duration of 2 hours starting at 19.30-21.30 WIB. For ticket prices is : (Price can change here)
Price in 2009
VIP IDR 200.000
Preferred Seat IDR 125.000 IDR 125.000
Premium Seat IDR 100.000 IDR 100.000
Standard Seat
IDR 50.000 IDR 50.000
IDR 20.000 IDR 20.000

Price in 2010
VIPIDR 250.000
Preferred SeatIDR 175.000IDR 175.000
Premium SeatIDR 150.000IDR 150.000
Standard Seat
IDR 75.000IDR 75.000

I've tried to watch on each stage. But with the classes of that ticket price, I just dare to buy for a standard ticket 50,000 IDR, If I see the website www.borobudurpark.co.id (the source that I download the picture and the tiket price) there is student price but after I asked to the ticket sales, they said its only a standard ticket for the cheapest price is Rp. 50,000 (Oh..who is wrong the website or the official but don't want missed the out door performence so buy a little expensive its ok). Don't ask about the facilities, the facilities for the cheapest price is stone chair, and the view is buffer blocked by the stage lights.You can imagine watch 2 hours with shaking sideways here and there our head and make our butt be hurt. Actually I really like the show I think the Ramayana Ballet is a great performence, but the seat for the out door theater is stone, cold...and mosquito....oh..no..(but If you can stand with that conditition its ok but I suggest to you dont buy the cheapest ticket).
But not only the standart price that having seat on stone chair, the premium is also seat on stone chair ... but the viewed for premium audience is a little better than standart audience. And for special tickets or Preferred Seat, the facilities also stone chair but there are still a thin cushion, nice view, get soft drink (don't know what?). The most expensive one and of course the most convenient is vip seats, a lot of facilities that given for vip audience. VIP facilities that chair with soft cushion like soffa(not the stone chair), and the views is the best because at the most front and center views,get soft drinks, snacks, souvenirs and free tickets camera / video. Wherever the most expensive would better, right?
There are some difference between out door theartre and in door theater.If in the Trimukti Theater its still better within chair, not a stone chairs but soft chairs but I forgot because it was 2.5 years ago. Then the most expensive ticket is only a special class with seating facilities at the middle and get soft drinks. The difference with the Out Door is the Out Door must have a better background. For the background of outdoor theatre is Prambanan temple but Trimukti theater the background just made like Prambanan. And another difference, there's a story of Hanuman Obong (Hanuman set of fire) anjieya.com, well if the out door there was really burn with fire but the indoor version with the puppet of fire. And another difference is the out door have extra seat than in door.
hanoman obong, Balet_Ramayana traditional ballet dancingWith expensive tickets which I thought was (because if you watch the 21 only 20,000 IDR) is not surprising that the audience of Ramayana Ballet performance is mostly foreign touris/ outsiders, I certain that the price for vip is a standart to watch the peformance as Ramayana Ballet for the foreign touris but for me is expensive.... Why the ticket of Ramayana Ballet is expensive?
Because of this show danced by 250 people, so it is reasonable if ticket is expensive because each peformance for hire so many people. That's have not mention security guards, officials locker tickets, cleaning, decorating, buy / rent costum, maintenance costs, etc.. Understandably if the ticket is expensive.
If I was rich I would try to go outdoors performance and buy the VIP tickets also don't forget to bring video came and take a shout it, then i will show to peoples abroad there, let them interesting to coming to Indonesia.
Because Indonesia is so beautiful .....

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