Rumah Turi


One of the unique hotels that is Rumah Turi (Rumah= house). Rumah Turi is a boutique hotel that located in Solo, exactly at 2nd Gading Sari st No.12 Turisari, Solo, Central Java (Jl.Gading Sari 2 No.12 Turisari, Solo, Central Java, Indonesia). If we look at the design concept of Rumah House, it is featured fresh natural ambience. The setting was also very artistic. The employees said that Turi house is designed by the owner,the owner is an architect which he designs is used in foreign countries(design architect used outside the country). So it was not strange that the architectural style of Turi's house is a little different from other style of most hotels, in my mind the concept of this house is a house that has a Japanese arch
itectural style and features a fresh atmosphere and natural like go green style.(I like this!).
Rumah Turi facilities include artificial rain (When I come here I'm so glad were treated with artificial rain ). And the rain was not made immediately poured out, but there also have function. Concept Rumah Turi's is go green, so this artificial rain also has the function to watering the plants on there. Figure in addition to the existing artificial rain in Turi house.When viewed from below would look really like rain. So cool....make me play in the rain..
Rumah Turi facility is:
* Restaurant with open terrace (the restaurant has an open deck areas)
* 18 Spacious rooms: 18 rooms
* Open space for performances
* Meditation corner
* SPA Treatment
18 rooms provided Rumah Turi consists of 3 types, each name type it is the names of plants grown in Rumah Turi yard, namely: Sereh Rooms/ Lemongrass Rooms(8 rooms), Wuni Rooms (8 rooms) and Kemuning Rooms (2 rooms) . Kemuning roomn are the suites room at this hotel, when I asked price for stay per a night at Kemuning Room is $ 130 USD was approximately 1.300.000 IDR. We apologize for the price of the dollar up and down, because it is mostly interested Turi's house was a foreigner. Wuni Room for stay per a night is $ 100 approximately USD 1,000,000 and Lemongrass Room $ 80 of about IDR 800,000 (for easy to count, so we take the exchange rate $ 1 USD = 10,000 IDR).
Wuni RoomKemuning Room
Wuni Room and Kemuning Room have small bamboo garden in the outside that sparated with the room by glass window. The glass window can be opened by sliding so we can go to bamboo garden. Lemongrass Room is a room that does not have a bamboo garden.
Kemuning room also has additional facilities like extra bed that can be used for rest or read a book / newspaper in the afternoon. for more details, please visit the on wesitenya
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