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For those who have plan or like to come to Solo for enjoy something of yore will be more complete if you stay at a place of a yore too. I'm recomended you to stay at RoemahKoe boutique hotel on Jl. Dr Sudirman 501, Laweyan, Solo, Central Java 57,148, see in the next picture.
Or see the website for more information (

umahkoe founded in 1938 with Art Deco style, and Roemahkoearchitectural style inspired by traditional Javanese architecture. However, if you are inside you will feel like being in the colonial era long ago. For the women you might feel like noni-noni ancient Netherlands. And my other impression that I wanted to make movies here, I am not a director but I want make as director here.
Rooms are offered by Roemahkoe in 3 types there are:
There is 3 Room in Roemahkoe, here is it :

Low Season
High Season
Rp. 430.000,-
Rp. 530.000,-
(10 rooms)
Junior Suite
Rp. 490.000,-
Rp. 590.000,-
(1 room)
Royal Suite
Rp. 740.000,-
Rp. 840.000,-
(2 rooms)

* All rates are subject to 21% government tax and service charge. It can change at any time

The difference of the room is : 1st the price room is different hahaha ... (You can see it), then the size of the room. Room Royal Suite is the greatest (there are living room, high bed with net), the second Junior Suite (1 couch,low bed without net) and the last Deluxe (the most narrow rooms and low bed).

And you should know about the guest boys said that the items within the there(tables, chairs, cupboard, bed, furniture, etc.) are still relic (heritage the building). So, this boutique hotel was renovated for example when I was browsing i dont fount that on the side yard of Roemahkoeno fish ponds now there are existing fish ponds to be added in the 2 side.. Romahkoe also provide additional facilities for example if you like prophecy foretell the future of there is horoscope with Java-style called Primbon,this horoscope use Java birth callender to read the personal(Javanese Weton ), hehehe ...

For the info please visit the Roemahkoe's website

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