Prambanan Temple

PrambananPrambanan is the lagest , the tallest and the most beautiful Hindu's temple in the world. (Prambanan Temple Compounds World Heritage List Number 642)

Prambanan located at Jl. Raya Yogya-Solo Km.16 Prambanan, Yogyakarta,Indonesia. For more complete information visit the website here (

Prambanan, named after the village, is the biggest temple complex in Java. There are 224 temples in the complex; three towering temples on the central terrace dominate the complex. Those are Brahma Temple in the North, Visnu Temple in the South and the biggest among the three which lies between Brahma and Visnu is Siwa(Shiva) Temple which soars up to 47 meters high.

These three ancient masterpieces of Hindu architecture are locally referred to as Prambanan Temple or Rorojonggrang Temple. One of its appeals is the wealth of sculptural detail which is the most famous is on the inner wall of the balustrade, the wonderful Ramayana Epic. Image bellow is a Prambanan temple area.
prambanan complexPrambanan area is the most viewed by the touris because it is the neares and the most infront temple also the biggest temple so that Prambanan is the most prominent. Actualy there is still another temple in the prambanan complex area. But they are not big as Prambanan temple but also beautiful and interesting. The name of another temple is Lumbung Temple, Bubrah Temple and Sewu Temple. "Lumbung" is a Javanesse language that have meaning "barn" (a place to store grain), "Bubrah" also Javanesse language that have meaning "broken"( I don't know why its mean like this but the shape of this temple is realy broken but still beautiful) and "Sewu" also Javanesse language that have meaning "one thousand" (1000).
Next image Prambananis the map of Prambanan complex area with Lumbung temple, Bubrah temple and Sewu temple.
After we take a walk at the Prambanan area if we are to tired to visit the next temple we can rent a mini train to deliver us to take around the next temple. But I suggest you to go on foot, because it is more interesting than you go by train. I ever tray to take around by train also by walk but I feel more satisfied to go on foot. Because if we go on foot we can browse the temple as we want. I know it is make us tired but go on foot is very satisfied and very interesting. Walk is cheap exercise and make us healty. Isn't it?

Here is in the bellow is a picture of the another temple in Prambanan area:
1. Bubrah Temple (source :
Prambanan-candi bubrah

2. Lumbung Temple(source:
Prambanan-candi lumbung

3.Sewu Temple (source
Prambanan-candi sewu

Enjoy traveling... See also Ramayana Ballet

View Prambanan Temple in a larger map

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