The Plot Of Ballet Ramayana Full Story

Balet_Ramayana traditional ballet dancing performanceHere is the story about Romeo & Juliet in Javanesse version that is Ramayana Ballet, the story is not realy same with the story of Romeo & Juliet which is a sad ending because the two lovers are dead, but the Ramayana was a happy ending. But the point Ramayana Ballet is also a romantic love story like Romeo & Juliet.
I wrote this as a discourse for who had not seen the show or who want to see the sow of Ramayana Ballet, because before the performence begining, usually visitors not had time to read the script the story. So many touris didn't understand about the plot then I have an idea to write it in English also in Indonesian language. To read in Indonesia language/Bahasa Indonesia klik here!

Prabu Janaka, the King of Mantili Kingdom has a very beautiful princess named Dewi Shinta. Prabu Janaka held a competition to determined the candidate's husband of Dewi Shinta. At least the competition was won by Crown of Ayodya Kingdom named Raden Rama Wijaya.
King Rahwana a king of Alengkadiraja Kingdom is eager to marry Dewi Widiowati. After seeing Dewi Shinta, King Rahwana assumed that Dewi Shinta is the incarnation of Dewi Widiowati whom he is wanting for a long time.

Rahwana at Alengka's kingdom hall held a greet meeting that attended by Kumbokarno, Indrajid, Governor Prahasta and peoples. They are waiting the command of Rahwana the King of Alengka Kingdom. However sudenly Sarpakenaka the younger sister of Rahwana come and cry.She was crying for help because of tricked by Dandaka knight in the forest, and she reports that the beautiful woman with the knight. Hearing the report, Ravana was furious, he called Kalamarica to go with him to kill the knight and find the woman

Rama Wijaya, the prince of Ayodya Kingdom along with his wife Shinta accompanied by his younger brother Leksmana in the odyssey to the jungle Dandaka. When Rahwana saw Shinta arising intention to have, then he order his followers named Marica to change him self as a golden deer called Kijang Kencana to tease Shinta. Seeing the beauty deer, Shinta asks Rama to catch it, trying to catch the deer, Rama left Shinta with Leksmana.
Shinta was worried because Rama had not returned for a long time. Shinta told to Leksmana to looking for Rama. Before leaving Shinta, Leksmana circled her with a magic circle to keep the Shinta safety. Rahwana who already know Shinta was left alone trying to kidnap her, but it failed because of the magical circle made by Leksmana. But Rahwana find a way to transform himself into an old Brahmin (Brahmana). When Shinta approached to give alms and been out from the circle, then Rahwana draw Shinta and taken to Alengka.

In the pursuit of deer, finally it can be shot with arrows by Rama. Apparently the deer turn into giants, so there Kalamarica war with Rama. Marica finally shoted with arrows by Rama. Leksmana followed Rama, bring back him to see Shinta.

Rahwana took Shinta trip to Alengka is hampered by a bird named Jatayu Garuda. Jatayu want to help Shinta because he is recognized that Shinta is a daughter of his close friend named King Janaka, but in the fight Jatayu can be defeat by Rahwana.
Because of Rama and Leksmana not see Shinta at the place, then they looking for Shinta, on the way they met Jatayu(severely wounded). Rama thinks that Jatayu is Shinta kidnapper. Jatayu will be killed by Rama, but can be prevented by Leksmana. After Jatayu tells the true story then Jatayu dies.
In them grief (Rama and Leksmana), there came a white monkey named Hanuman who was sent by his uncle Sugriwa to looking for two knight who can defeat Subali. Subali was seized Dewi Tara that Sugriwa lover. With hard persuasion by Sugriwa, Rama finally decided to help Sugriwa to defeat Subali.

When Subali, Dewi Tara and his son was chatting
was surprised by Sugriwa challenge then a fight ensued. Thanks to the help of Rama, Sugriva can defeat Subali, then Sugriwa meet again with the Dewi Tara. Because of Rama kindness, Sugriwa willing to help to find Dewi Shinta. Hanuman was sent to find and investigate Alengka Kingdom.

In the kingdom of Alengka, Trijata is the nephew Rahwana is comforting Shinta. Suddenly Rahwana came and persuade Shinta to be his wife. But persuasion of Rahwana was rejected by Shinta, so that Rahwana angry and intend to kill her, but Trijata successfully prevented. Trijata ask Rahwana tobe patient and promised to keep Dewi Shinta. In the Shinta sadness, she surprised by a beautifull song that sing by the white monkey Hanuman. After Shinta know about Hanuman, then Hanuman immediately facing and come across as a messenger of Rama's
When finished facing Shinta, Hanuman immediately wanted to know the kingdom of Alengka. Then he decided to spoil the beauty of Alengka park. But Indrajid (Rahwana's son) can find Hanuman and then he captured him, then brought to Rahwana. Rahwana so anger and want to kill Hanuman, but prevented by Kumbokarno (the younger brother of Rahwana). Thinking that Kumbokarno was opposed, then Rahwana drove him. Hanuman finally sentenced to be burned alive, but Hanuman was immune to fire. So with the fire Hanuman burn Alengka Kingdom, then he turned back to Rama.

Having sent Hanuman, Rama Wijaya and monkeys go to dam up the ocean as a way to Alengka. When Hanuman came, the dam has completed and he report about the situation and army forces of Alengka. Received Hanuman reports, Rama Wijaya be happy. Then Rama sent Hanuman, Anggodo, Anila and Jembawana to lead the soldiers to attack Alengka.

The army was on guard to the edge boundaries of the kingdom. Suddenly the soldiers attacked the monkey, then a very busy of war happened. In the war Indrajid killed by Leksmana. And Kumbokarno facing Rahwana, and he was killed in the war. After Kumbokarno died, finally Rahwana facing Rama. In this battle, Ravana was killed by Rama's heirloom arrow and crushed by Sumawan Mount that brought by Hanuman.

After Rahwana's death, accompanied by Hanuman, Shinta can facing Rama. But Rama refused her because he considered that Shinta has been tarnished during his stay in Alengka. Then Rama asked for evidence to prove her Shinta's chastity, he asked Shinta to voluntarily burn herself. Because the Shinta's truth and with help of the god of fire , Shinta survived from the fire. Having proved her chastity, Rama Shinta received back with feelings of sadness and happiness.

------------------------The End------------------------

And here is my opinion about Rama-Shinta's story
When I try to understand the way of this story, of course I found lots of bad values and also good values, the following example:
1. Shinta is a beautiful woman, conciderate, and loyal.
2. Bird Jatayu is a good figure, willing to sacrifice his lives for the child of friend.
3. Hanuman though wild, but he's strong (able to lift mount). Rama and Leksmana also great, they are has only arrows to fightbut can beat all.
4. Trijata also a good figure, although she was the niece of Rahwana, but she still tried to protect Shinta, as a woman she also protects the dignity of women.

1. Shinta was careless, Rama also, Leksmana also ... (because of the careless then Ramayana stories is happend).
2. Sugriva why must kill his brother, although in love till the death but if she was married to his brother and saw his brother can make happy the idol's heart, so let them lived happily (revenge is not good).
3. Rama not believe with Shinta's loyalty, he trust after Shinta volunteered to burn herself alive(if today's fuih...), luckily Shinta is saved from the fire. But if she dies what will be done by Rama? So hard and tired of making the dam and attack of Alengka are just for Shinta. He should accept Shinta as she is.
4. Because of Rahwana's greed who want to take another man's wife then the entire royal family was killed.

That's my assessment of Ramayana story.
See also about the stage Ramayana Ballet here !
Want tobread in Indonesian language klick here!


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