JeJamuran (Mushroom cuisine restaurant)

jejamuranHealthy food and taste good

For those who feel loved to eat meat chicken and beef, but worry about cholesterol levels there has an alternative food, it tastes like meat that is "mushroom". Mushrooms can be cooked in various styles, and each type of mushroom will produce different flavors. A restaurant in Yogyakarta with the name "Je Jamuran" place in Niron, Pandowoharjo, Sleman, Yogyakarta, dish up mushroom cuisine from various types of mushrooms and various preparations with a relatively affordable price of about Rp. 5000 - Rp.20,0Jejamuran00.

The menu include sate, omlet, tongseng (normaly its like currie with lamb), various Pepes, gudeg, soup and mushrooms rendang with mushroom types is shitake mushrooms, rice straw mushroom (Volvariella volvacea), Champignon and Pleurotus ostreatus(have a shape like oyster).

In jeJamuran other guests can eat a variety of menus also can see the mushroom cultivation because the owner jeJamuran also cultivated mushrooms.

Before we go to jejamuranmushroom cultivation place, we'll see a small hut with a different collection of cultivated mushrooms in that place, where small huts are located next to the restaurant a bit behind, but we also can see it from the front. From the hut we already know that each type of mushroom will have their own treatment in terms of cultivation.Some were planted by hanging and some were planted in pots or plastic.Planting media using sawdust from different kinds of wood.

My impression when visiting and tasting menus at jeJamuran (like soup, Pepes, tongseng, sate, and chips(fried mushrooms with flour), because I did not bring a camera so I'm sorry if the picture is downloading. My impression is that I want to re-eat the menu that we are ordered and tried other-menu. Jogja is unique and best ... cheap, convenient and creative.
Enjoy the travelling and dont forget about Healty.



  1. i love jejamuran.. delicious n cheap.. ^.^

  2. one of restaurant where i always been here when i come to Jogja

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