Gudeg is a very popular food in the city of Yogyakarta, Indeonesia (Jogja), Jogja town Gudeg, because so many restaurant that sell gudeg in Yogyakarta, ancient common gudeg eaten at breakfast, so far you will easily find people who sell gudeg at the roadside in the city of Yogyakarta. but now gudeg be eaten at any time from morning to morning again, so it's no wonder when you'll meet people who sell gudeg at midnight and suprisingly it sell very quickly.

Gudeg is vegetable dishes that have an image of a sweet taste, if you do not like the sweet taste u won't like gudeg. But as far as I know at first time when people taste gudeg, most of them did not like gudeg because it tastes too sweet, but for long they were like gudeg and as addictive if come to Yogyakarta won't be complete if not eaten gudeg.

Gudeg is a vegetable dishes that made from jackfruit. This food is a long cooking so have smooth texture, sweet taste of gudeg is obtained by Javanese sugar therefore sweet is the dominant flavor of gudeg. Ordinary Gudeg served with the sambal krecek. Sambal krecek is made of cow leather mixed with tempe or tofu. Then the other dishes is Pindang egg,tofu/ tempe bacem and chicken bacem.

Bacem also an image of traditional food with sweet taste because it's main ingredient is Javanesse sugar and other spices. So that gives another sense of gudeg actually is sambal krecek because it is the one of spicy food.

The famous gudeg restaurant is Gudeg Yu Jum at Wijilan. Wijilan is the eastern of Yogyakarta Palace. At Wijilan you will foud many gudeg restaurant but the famous is Gudeg Yu Jum.

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