Dariza Lake Resort-Garut-Indonesia

Dariza Lake

Danau Dariza (Danau = Lake) is a name of one of the resorts area in the Garut Cipanas-Indonesia. Dariza Lake is an artificial lake that makes the resort very interesting. Dariza Lake Resort offers lodging with the form of cottage-concept with traditional houses in Indonesia, including Padang (Gadang House), Sundanese (Kesepuhan House), Batak (Toba House),Nusa Tenggaranesse (Sao Ato sa Lakitana House) and (Bali that being finalized). Sao Ato Mosa Lakitana House is the suite of Dariza Lake Resort

Dariza LakeDariza-Lake
Sao Ato
When I look at the composition of these cottages reminds me of a European city in which I wanted to visit that is Venetian which houses huddle and looked like standingDariza_Lake on the water. And one more thing that makes Lake Dariza resorts has a nuance like the Venetian that is the cano. Well .. In the Venetian if we want to go to some place or go around the city we use gondolas but on the lake Dariza we use cano.

Facilities offered at Lake Dariza did not stay away from water activities like fishing activities, swimming pools with water boom, jacuzzi, water bycycle, cano,but there is also land activies like jogging track and playground. Dariza like resort also provides meeting vasilities. The name of meeting vaslities is Malige House. Malige House is a castle from Southest Sulawesi which consist of three floors.

There is also another fasilities offered by Dariza Lake Resort that is Island cafe. Island Cafe is a restaurant surrounded by water and provides a Dariza_Lakedining table for indoor and outdoor. The food served at the Island Cafe is a good variety there is from Indonesian cuisine also from Western cuisine and all available throughout the day.

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