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Balet_Ramayana traditional ballet dancingRamayana Ballet (Sendratari Ramayana) is a classic story that tells of a romantic love story of Dewi Shinta and Rama are presented in traditional dance like a ballet dance in general. Indonesian Ramayana Ballet performances can be seen in the Prambanan Temple, Yogyakarta. The stage is not actually in the temple area but in the west of the temple with the background is the Prambanan temple (for open air theater / out door while the dry season) or in Trimukti theater (in door or closed) with artificial temple background.

Ramayana Ballet performances held at night, with a duration of 2 hours starting at 19.30-21.30 WIB. For ticket prices is : (Price can change here)
Price in 2009
VIP IDR 200.000
Preferred Seat IDR 125.000 IDR 125.000
Premium Seat IDR 100.000 IDR 100.000
Standard Seat
IDR 50.000 IDR 50.000
IDR 20.000 IDR 20.000

Price in 2010
VIPIDR 250.000
Preferred SeatIDR 175.000IDR 175.000
Premium SeatIDR 150.000IDR 150.000
Standard Seat
IDR 75.000IDR 75.000

I've tried to watch on each stage. But with the classes of that ticket price, I just dare to buy for a standard ticket 50,000 IDR, If I see the website (the source that I download the picture and the tiket price) there is student price but after I asked to the ticket sales, they said its only a standard ticket for the cheapest price is Rp. 50,000 (Oh..who is wrong the website or the official but don't want missed the out door performence so buy a little expensive its ok). Don't ask about the facilities, the facilities for the cheapest price is stone chair, and the view is buffer blocked by the stage lights.You can imagine watch 2 hours with shaking sideways here and there our head and make our butt be hurt. Actually I really like the show I think the Ramayana Ballet is a great performence, but the seat for the out door theater is stone, cold...and If you can stand with that conditition its ok but I suggest to you dont buy the cheapest ticket).
But not only the standart price that having seat on stone chair, the premium is also seat on stone chair ... but the viewed for premium audience is a little better than standart audience. And for special tickets or Preferred Seat, the facilities also stone chair but there are still a thin cushion, nice view, get soft drink (don't know what?). The most expensive one and of course the most convenient is vip seats, a lot of facilities that given for vip audience. VIP facilities that chair with soft cushion like soffa(not the stone chair), and the views is the best because at the most front and center views,get soft drinks, snacks, souvenirs and free tickets camera / video. Wherever the most expensive would better, right?
There are some difference between out door theartre and in door theater.If in the Trimukti Theater its still better within chair, not a stone chairs but soft chairs but I forgot because it was 2.5 years ago. Then the most expensive ticket is only a special class with seating facilities at the middle and get soft drinks. The difference with the Out Door is the Out Door must have a better background. For the background of outdoor theatre is Prambanan temple but Trimukti theater the background just made like Prambanan. And another difference, there's a story of Hanuman Obong (Hanuman set of fire), well if the out door there was really burn with fire but the indoor version with the puppet of fire. And another difference is the out door have extra seat than in door.
hanoman obong, Balet_Ramayana traditional ballet dancingWith expensive tickets which I thought was (because if you watch the 21 only 20,000 IDR) is not surprising that the audience of Ramayana Ballet performance is mostly foreign touris/ outsiders, I certain that the price for vip is a standart to watch the peformance as Ramayana Ballet for the foreign touris but for me is expensive.... Why the ticket of Ramayana Ballet is expensive?
Because of this show danced by 250 people, so it is reasonable if ticket is expensive because each peformance for hire so many people. That's have not mention security guards, officials locker tickets, cleaning, decorating, buy / rent costum, maintenance costs, etc.. Understandably if the ticket is expensive.
If I was rich I would try to go outdoors performance and buy the VIP tickets also don't forget to bring video came and take a shout it, then i will show to peoples abroad there, let them interesting to coming to Indonesia.
Because Indonesia is so beautiful .....

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